New Apple iPhone 6 Concept Boasts Aluminium Body In Different Colour Options

The iPhone 5S is set to be released a little later this year but the focus of some Apple fans is already on the iPhone 6, the model set to be released in 2014. This is due to the fact that the device is rumoured to sport a brand new design and recently we have seen a number of concept ideas for this exciting new phone emerging online.
iphone 6
On a daily basis we are seeing concept designs for the new iPhone 6 released and the majority of these offer nothing to get too excited about. Occasionally however a design appears that really does grab your attention and puts forward some interesting ideas. This is the case with a new design which has appeared on a website named The model shown offers an eye catching aluminium body that is pictured in a variety of colours including a light blue and a very striking red. Due to the fact that the handset is made from aluminium it is said to be the lightest iPhone ever designed. The image show the handset offering a more angular design that previous devices and the model also looks incredibly slim.

The new iPhone 6 concept design does not only focus on the overall look of the phone and gives us an interesting insight into the software and some of the specification that will feature. The model is shown running the brand new iOS7 version of the operating system but with an enhanced interface that show some obvious differences. These include a taskbar at the foot of the calling screen along with circular, touch sensitive numeric keys. The screen on the model is said to measure 4.5 inches in size which ties in with reports of the model boasting a bigger display. This screen is an edge to edge display which meaning hardly any bezel is visible at the sides and the phone is also pictured with a micro USB port for the first time.

These concept designs that are being released are by no means official shots so the new handset could differ greatly from the images that we have seen but they do give us a glimpse in what could be possible on the new phone. Check out the best iPhone 5 offers here

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