LG KC910 Renoir on Orange Deals UK

The new 8 megapixel camera phone from LG has today been made available on Orange pay monthly contract deals in the UK, the LG Renoir is the first handset from the manufacturer to features this high specification camera lens and looks to be in good company with other manufacturers releasing their own 8 mega pixel camera phones over the coming days.

Initially release on Orange tariffs the new LG KC910 Renoir is expected to be launched onto further UK networks in the near future.

LG Renoir
LG Renoir

Excellent substance, performance and design, a fitting dedication to Mr Pierre-Auguste Renoir, leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style.

LG are firmly positioned in a process of growth, and their product ranges just go from strength to strength. The LG Renoir is an excellent demonstration of how in touch LG have become with their customers. Whilst their competitors have been driven by the laboratory scientist in their jeykll and hype experiments, LG actually remembered that these phones will be used by people, and people with small pockets at that! (In a none metaphoric sense)

Essentially, the LG KC910 Renoir is a follow on to the Viewty, pretty much matching the usability but updating the soft and hardware. In essence, there isn’t much that separates the Renoir from any of the newer generation handsets, like the Sony C905 and Samsung innov8. Well apart from the stone cold fact that the Renoir is solidly built, attractive to the eye, and has a battery to match and support its features. This isn’t a point, click, view, and recharge handset by any means.

LG KC910 Renoir
LG KC910 Renoir

In a time when every manufacturer is trying to develop and produce the I-Phone killer, LG have fallen into the same trap in some ways. The shape is nothing new, the features have been bought to market before, and there isn’t really a unique selling point that screams out. That said though, the LG Renoir gathers a wide collection of features and functions within its compact exterior that would pacify most pessimistic critics.

Not content with an 8 mega pixel camera, the LG Renoir also contains a collection of photographic options ranging from smile to blink detection, all fully displayed in high quality bright colours on a 3 inch touch screen monitor. Additionally, although GPS mapping systems are no-longer seen as functions of ‘escaliber-esq’ propositions, the Renoir’s own system is effective and clear, but a little slow to respond in low 3G reception areas.

The select and swipe function ability of the touch screen makes for effortless navigation, which is a nice improvement from the Viewty. Whilst new Wi-Fi and 3G upgrades allow for quick access to web application and Internet browsing. The 3 ‘key button’ options on the base of the handset are a bit of an eye soar, but this is forgiven due to the smooth lines and metallic finish of the Renoir.

If you had an LG Viewty, then the LG Renoir will be an instant attraction, but for those of us who have never tried LG before, try it, you just might like it.

LG KC910 Renoir Deals


LG Renoir Pink



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