iPhone 6 Concept Catches The Eye With Its Stylish Design

The iPhone 5S is set to be launched later in the summer and is set to be an update of the iPhone 5 offering new features but no change in design. Smartphone fans wanting to see an all new iPhone will need to wait until the introduction of the iPhone 6 in 2014. A new concept design of this handset has been released showing what this intriguing new phone may look like when it hits the shelves in a few months time.

The new concept design for the iPhone 6 that has been released is the work of designer Jonny Plaid and the most interesting aspect of it is that it shows the handset boasting a massive 6 inch display. This is an edge to edge screen meaning that there is no bezel surrounding all four sides of the screen with the sides meeting the very edge of the handsets body. The model is labelled as the slimmest iPhone ever released despite the inclusion of a larger display. This big screen does however mean that the phone is both taller and wider than previous generations of the device. The handset is set to be constructed from Aluminium carbon fibre which will make the model the toughest iPhone we have seen. Plaid states that the model is 60 per cent stronger than the iPhone 5 while at the same time being 40 per cent lighter thanks to the lightweight material used in its construction.iphone 6

The screen pictured on the new concept for the iPhone 6 shows the model running on the brand new iOS7 operating system which we are due to se released along with the iPhone 5S later in the year. One conflicting aspect of the design however is that the iOS7 software requires a physical Home key for features such as Siri and multitasking switching. The phone in the design lacks this physical button. The new 6 inch screen is labelled as a Retina 2 display and will feature a layer of Graphene for increased durability. This reportedly will make the screen tougher than Gorilla Glass. “Having the thickness of just one carbon atom, graphene is the strongest known material. A single layer of graphene is virtually indestructible” sid Jonny Plaid speaking about this aspect of his design. Unfortunately we will probably have to wait until well into 2014 until we see what the real iPhone 6 will look like but this new concept idea certainly points us in the general direction of what Apple may be looking to achieve.

The iPhone 6 is set to be released later in 2014 with a new design and a host of exciting features. Concept designs such as the one we have seen are going to be the nearest we get to seeing the new model until weeks before its actual release.

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