iOS 7 adoption slows down but now at 78%

The numbers are out. iOS 7 adoption has now slowed down. However, devices running the latest version of Apple’s mobile OS are now at 78%.ios-7-adoption-december30

Apple announced these figures developers site, which was seen first by The Next Web. It reports, “Apple today updated its iOS adoption numbers, as measured by usage of its App Store and presented on the support page for developers. Over the last two weeks, iOS 7 has managed to grab another 2 percentage points from iOS 6, resulting in the former increasing to 78 percent and the latter falling to 18 percent.”

The site adds, “Apple first reported iOS numbers based on App Store usage on December 1, 2013, when 74 percent of users were on iOS 7, 22 percent were on iOS 6, and 4 percent were on earlier versions. In the month of December at least, iOS 7 is stealing 1 percentage point from iOS 6 every week.”

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