HTC One Vs the new One Mini – Infographic Comparison Review

Today we are comparing the original HTC One Android smart phone, against it’s newer and younger ‘mini self’ and recently released HTC One Mini phone (see released contract deals). 

Mini One Vs Big One

The flagship One phone (more info here) has only been around for about 6 months now but HTC have nonetheless decided to follow in the footsteps of one of their biggest rivals Samsung, by releasing a mini version and cheaper alternative to their flagship One smart -phone.

HTC One Vs the Mini One Comparison

HTC One Mini Comparison to the HTC One
HTC One Mini Vs HTC One

On paper the HTC One phone is of a higher specification with a faster processor, offers a bigger screen and greater memory capacity making it a far more impressive handset than the smaller One by comparison.

But size isn’t everything and for those of us who don’t necessarily want a bigger touchscreen and to pay the heftier price tag, the Mini One variant is still up there with the best of them.  So let’s have a quick look at what this mighty mini HTC One has to offer.

If you are not a regular user of video calling then the reduced  front facing camera from 2.1 to 1.6 mega pixels is unlikely to cause much concern, nor is the fact that the processor isn’t as powerful, with the One Mini being powered by a smaller 1.4GHz dual-core CPU compared to the larger One’s 1.7GHz quad-core.

HTC One & One Mini

The HTC One Mini edition runs on the latest version of Android v4.2.2 with HTC’s own enhancements such as HTC’s Sense, and compare it with the likes of the Galaxy S3 and you realise that in terms of performance it’s a very powerful device.

Both devices feature HTC’s BlinkFeed which lets you stream content direct to your home screen, Zoe which brings your images to life, and BoomSound ensuring enhanced music quality delivered through its dual front facing speakers.

If social networking, calling, texting, capturing images and the facility to handle a fewer number of 3rd party apps is what you require of your companion then the smaller and lighter Mini One is ideal even though it only offers half the memory capacity.  Let’s face it though, big and bulky does not work when trying to fit your mobile phone in your clutch bag for a night out on the town with the girls!

As for the primary camera, there’s not much in it when you compare the two models, both sporting a 4 mega pixel camera,  HTC’s new ultrapixel advanced imaging camera in fact, along with full 1080p video recording.  The HTC One Mini does lack the optical image stabiliser and NFC functions that it couldn’t accommodate in order to achieve its compact design.

Inevitably the compact new One Mini edition does have a smaller screen with lower resolution by comparison as one would expect, but the loss of 0.4″ is not a bad trade off when you want a smaller phone but still want a decent sized display even if the the resolution isn’t as super-sharp as that of the larger One’s full HD display.  Having said that, the pixel density of the One Mini’s HD display is more impressive than that sported by it’s competitor the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which was launched back in June, at 342 ppi vs 256 ppi, and the 4.3″ display does make the Mini One more comfortable to use one handed.

Big One or Small One?

What it really comes down to is size and as HTC say about their new HTC One Mini “Good things come in small packages”.  Are you a fan of the smaller One smart phone, let us know your thoughts?

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