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HTC One X spontaneously combusts

We’ve all heard of iPhones bursting up in flames. Now, according to a new report, an HTC One X smartphone has spontaneously combusted.1149716_4871546919651_1017711166_o-665x886

The news comes to us via VR-Zone. The site reports, “An HTC One X owner from Taiwan has reported that his phone “spontaneously combusted”. According to a publicly available Facebook post, he says that he was in the middle of charging his phone when it burst into flames.

“The user says he went into a local Far Eastern Tone office, a Taiwanese telco, to try and get a replacement phone, but they insisted on a $21 USD ($300 Taiwan Dollar) inspection fee.”

It adds, “HTC says that it’s dealing with the situation.”

According to some HTC One X users, the smartphone’s battery has a tendency to swell over time. We’re just glad no one was hurt in the incident, unlike with the iPhone where a Chinese was woman was electrocuted to death.

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