Graphite grey iPhone 5S colour option leaked

We’ve seen leaked photos of the Apple iPhone 5S, successor of the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5C, courtesy of iDevice leaker Sonny Dickson. Now the site has leaked a fourth colour option, graphite grey.

Sonny Dickson reports, “Up to this point, it has widely been thought that the iPhone 5S will only come in 3 colors: Gold, Slate, and white with silver trim. According to a new images we’ve obtained, however, it appears the iPhone 5S may also come in a 4th color – a grey or graphite color with a black trim. You can check out samples in the below gallery!”

Here are the photos:


照片8.24-011 照片8.24-015 照片8.24-016 照片8.24-070 照片8.24-075

The site also posted photos of the graphite grey iPhone 5S alongside the champagne gold version of the smartphone.

Here are the photos:

照片8.24-054 照片8.24-055 照片8.24-059

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