Game changing mobiles ready to launch on the market in 2016

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With another year comes another new wave of advances in technology, and 2016 is looking like it’s going to be a pinnacle year for the mobile phone industry. As the popularity of mobile gaming continues to grow, more and more manufacturers have focused on how to optimise their handsets for the best gaming experience.

With some exciting new advances in mobile gaming coming in 2016, more and more people will be considering what phone will be best to play them on. Nintendo will make the big leap from console to mobile gaming in March when they release their first mobile game. Miitomo will bring the popular “Mii” avatars from the console in a new game that will encourage people to interact with their friends more. The free to download title has managed to bring the same high standards of graphics and gameplay enjoyed on the console to the smaller screen of the mobile phone.

As 4G and Wi-Fi becomes increasingly accessible across the country, the popularity of online gaming is also set to rise. Casino website Coral announced that their landmark one millionth app download was reached at the start of next year, and the interest in online casino shows no sign of slowing down. The website has a wide range of different online casino games you can play on your mobile exclusive to Coral, including a live casino with graphics as good as if you were playing on a computer. Websites like Silver Game have now even started making games that can be streamed onto your phone without the need to download an app beforehand.

Many experts think the desire to upgrade for a handset optimised for gaming will mean that the 20th billionth mobile phone will be sold this year. One phone that will really be helped by the rise in gaming will be the new iPhone. Although there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, many think Apple will follow tradition and announce their new iPhone 7 in September on stage surrounded by the usual excitement. One thing we can be confident about is that the phone will take a big leap in performance with a faster processor and more ram to handle those online casino games. We will have to wait for rumours like the size of the screen and even new headphone jacks and water proofing to be proven later in the year.

For Android fans, LG are expected to announce the G5, G Flex 3 and the V10 later this spring. The main rumour surrounding all three handsets is a much larger battery capacity. Games like the online casino website take a lot of power to run, so people will want a battery that will keep them playing for longer. Leaked documents also suggest that there will be big advances with technology, including an iris scanner in the G5 and possibly a finger print scanner in other models.

As well as these, the Microsoft Surface phone is expected to be released alongside the Nexus 6 and HTC One M10. Whatever shoppers are after, there will be a wide range of handsets to choose from to handle games like online casino and Nintendo’s latest games in 2016.

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