FLA finds three Foxconn factories guilty of breaking labour laws – factory workers overworked

The Fair Labour Association (FLA) has found that three Foxconn factories have broken labour laws, overworking factory workers, which goes over the overtime limit required by law. Foxconn is mainly responsible for manufacturing Apple products such as the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

The FLA investigators uncovered that in time of peak production weekly working hours exceeded not only the FLA’s standard but Chinese legal limits as well. This was the case in all three factories. There were even cases when Foxconn required workers to work for more than 7 days non-stop, when employees are required by law to take at least a 24-hour break. Overtime pay was also subject to criticism.

FLA’s report says, “The FLA also discovered that 14 per cent of workers may not receive fair compensation for unscheduled overtime. The assessment found that unscheduled overtime was only paid in 30-minute increments. This means, for example, that 29 minutes of overtime work results in no pay and 58 minutes results in only one unit of overtime pay.”

Following FLA’s report, Foxconn promises to improve working conditions and a pay increase for workers. It has also promised to fully comply with FLA standards and Chinese legal limits by July of 2013. This means that working hours will be brought down to the legal limit of 49 weekly working hours (including over time). Monthly overtime hours will be reduced from 80 hours to 36 hours.

We only hope Foxconn lives up to its promise.


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