Fidel the Phone Frog

Introducing Fidel the Phone Frog!

Fidel the Phone Frog
Fidel the Phone Frog

Fidel’s story starts in a small pond in Southern America, our hard working friend dedicated his life to bettering himself and made his way though sheer determination to the top rock only to be snatched by an evil animal exporter.

The next thing poor old Fidel knew he was in a small glass tank in a horrible, run down pet store in London!

After what seemed like an eternity of sitting around wondering where he went wrong, poor old Fidel went from being that go-getting, no jump is too high kinda guy to a rather sorrowful, downtrodden and bitter shell of his former self.

However, one day his luck changed, a young man who had just purchased his first flat in London was looking for company and he was immediately drawn to poor old Fidel’s friendly but woeful face, this was when this poor little frog’s life changed for the better and made him the frog he is today.

It turns out that the kind young man was starting his career in mobile phones, he loved Fidel so much that he wanted to spend more time with him and so decided to keep him in the office rather than on his own all day in an empty flat.

Whilst the young man worked hard on his computer, Fidel started to take an interest and began to learn a lot about mobile phones.

The man then got promoted and Fidel learnt even more, then he accepted a job at a major phone retailer and was exposed to even more knowledge!

This happened a few times to this talented young man as he was head-hunted by mobile phone retailers, mobile networks and even a top technology provider, all the time Fidel joined him in the office and continued to learn about the phones.

Today, Phones Limited is the lucky company to have both this super-talented man and his frog work for them, whilst the ‘unnamed’ man makes sure that the website runs nice and smoothly Fidel is becoming quite a star!

He’s busy getting his hands on the latest phone models and making short videos about them!

Whether Fidel will ever want to make his way back to Southern America is something only he knows but we hopes he stays with us for as long as possible with his quirky humour and extensive knowledge he’s a major part of our company and family.

You can check out all of Fidel’s videos here:


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