European version of LG G2 getting wireless charging case

LG has recently launched the G2, the successor of the Optimus G smartphone. In the US, a version exclusive to network operator Verizon, will get a wireless charging feature built-in. Will the UK get the same version? The answer is no. Instead, LG will make wireless charging cases for the smartphone in Europe.LG_G2_new-578-80

The news comes to us courtesy of Pocket-lint. The site reports, “Following word that Verizon has the exclusive on the LG G2’s wireless charging feature, we were wondering if that extended to the LG G2 across the rest of the globe, and not just the US. In turn, a LG spokesperson confirmed with Pocket-lint on Thursday that the European version of the G2 does not have wireless charging on the device itself.

“However, LG did confirm that just because you live in Europe doesn’t mean you won’t be able to wirelessly charge your device. Rather an accessory case supporting wireless charging will be made available.

“LG wouldn’t detail specifics for the wireless charging accessory, like pricing, name, or availability, but at least confirmed it is coming.”

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