European Commission looks to end misleading in-app purchases in meeting with Google and Apple

Were you ever led to believe that an app was free to find out later that it wasn’t? Has your child accidentally made an in-app purchase? Don’t you wish someone would do something about this? Thankfully, the European Commission understands what you’re going through and has met with Google and Apple to end misleading in-app [...]

Blackberry responds to Wyatt’s comments – says ‘Good is not good enough’

In an interview, Christy Wyatt, Good Technology CEO, said that her company was receiving a lot of calls from enterprise customers. BlackBerry responded by saying “Good is not good enough.”

In a blog post titled “Good is not Good Enough,” BlackBerry CEO John Chen said, “BlackBerry has provided multi-platform OS management for nearly 2 years [...]

Good Technology says it is getting a lot of calls from enterprise customers – is it killing BlackBerry?

According to Good Technology’s CEO, Christy Wyatt, her company is getting a number of calls from enterprise customers.

In an interview with Computing, Wyatt said, “We have a lot of customers calling us and saying ‘I have this BlackBerry population – I have to start giving [end users] access to other things, either because they [...]

‘The All New HTC One’ moniker leaked again

@evleaks, a Twitter account notorious for leaking information on yet to be unveiled devices, has been heavily leaking information on the HTC M8 (successor of the HTC One). Now it has again leaked what the Taiwanese firm is planning to call its next flagship.

@evleaks has leaked what the HTC M8 will look like, leaking [...]

Photos of the HTC One (2014) in silver leaked

The HTC M8, The All New HTC One, or the HTC One (2014) has been heavily leaked in the internet. We’ve seen a number of leaks showing press renders of the device. Now the silver colour option of the device has been leaked in the wild.

Here are the photos:

The leak comes [...]

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