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HTC One Max Vs HTC One Comparison Review

The HTC One Max has been officially unveiled and you would be forgiven for thinking that it is a carbon copy of  the HTC One but despite being a super-sized version of the Taiwanese manufacturer’s 2013 flagship phone it does come with a few extra features that its younger brother lacked and in fact shares a lot in common with the HTC One Mini in terms of design and build quality.

HTC’s first Phablet we take a look at how these two models compare.

HTC One Vs HTC One Max Overview

Comparison of the HTC One Vs the HTC One Max
HTC One Max Vs HTC One Spec Comparison

The Android powered ‘Phablet’ may be powered by the same super-fast 1.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processing chip with 2 GB of RAM that delivers great performance but the battery pack has been replaced with an even larger and longer lasting 3,300 mAh Li-Po battery. Despite the removable back panel though the battery is still non-removable.

The all aluminium shell HTC One Max has also been fitted with a microSD card slot, so in addition to the 16 or 32 GB internal memory capacity, users can now boost that by up to a further 64 GB of storage, an option the HTC One sorely lacked.

For those that love big screens the HTC One Max has that, offering up a 5.9 inch Full HD super LCD3 display in comparison to the HTC One’s smaller 4.7,” albeit the pixel density is somewhat lower at 373 ppi vs 469 ppi.

Running on Android v4.3 Jelly Bean the linux-based operating system is not the only updated software on board with the One Max utilising HTC’s latest user interface HTC Sense v5.5 with a BlinkFeed homescreen that can now be turned off and which offers better personalisation when it comes to recommendations.

As for imaging capabilities, the One Max uses a 4 mega pixel ‘UltraPixel’ camera with some impressive imaging tools but sadly lacks the OIS technology adorned by the HTC One.  On the other hand the new Dual capture mode which allows for simultaneous images to be captured with both the front and rear facing camera’s is a welcomed introduction and a feature that it has in common with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

With the introduction of the HTC Scribble function which lets you scribble on photos and improvements to HTC Zoe meaning that you can now post images straight from your camera to any of your favourite social media sites, users should be equally delighted with the ability to create GIFs as well as being able to add your own music soundtrack to your video clips.

The dual front facing speakers with HTC BoomSound and improved audio technology means that the audio experience on the HTC One Max is a huge plus point.

But the most significant aspect of the HTC One Max based on that of the original HTC One spec sheet has to be the inclusion of a new fingerprint sensor on the back, simply swipe your finger to lock & unlock your phone and away you go.  It can also be set up to automatically launch apps of your choosing.

Larger than your average smart phone the HTC One Max comes in at 217 g measuring 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.3 mm, which is big, really big, even by comparison to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which measures 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm and weighs 168g.

Initial Verdict

Is the HTC One Max just too big?  If you love the idea of a big screen HTC experience and the thought of fingerprint security, then the HTC One Max fits the bill otherwise the HTC One is still a popular choice.

Have you been won over by the new HTC One Max or is it still all about the HTC One?

HTC One Max Android Smart Phone Coming Soon!

It’s official, after a number of leaked images and endless speculation the HTC One Max has finally been unveiled and will be arriving soon, later this month in fact!

A ‘Phablet’ version of the popular HTC One and the latest announcement by the Taiwanese phone manufacturer following the release of the HTC One Mini in August, the One Max aims to maximise the HTC experience with a larger 5.9 inch full HD display offering superb clarity and great video viewing.

Running on Android v4.3 Jelly Bean with a refined version of the HTC Sense UI in tow (v5.5), that boasts a range of new features, the imaging capabilities of the HTC One Max have also had somewhat of an overhaul, offering ‘super-sized tools’ such as Dual Capture Mode and HTC’s Scribble function so you can draw on your pictures plus a photo editor that lets you create GIF’s.

The new HTC One Max
HTC One Max

With the HTC promising “more screen size, more camera and more everything”, it is not surprising that there are a number of improvements worthy of a closer look.

Whilst users can opt for  either a 16 or 32 GB variant both models offer the ability to expand further up to 64 GB using the microSD card slot, something the HTC One lacks and has resulted in a removable back cover.

Powered by  the same super-fast quad-core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor that adorned the HTC One, backed up with 2GB of RAM the One Max makes full use of the larger fixed 3,300 mAh battery on board.  But then there is the new fingerprint scanner on the back for unlocking and locking the phone which is a rather significant feature of the new HTC One Max.

Android Powered HTC One Max
HTC One Max with Fingerprint Scanner

Having retained many of the great characteristics of HTC’s 2013 flagship phone, the One Max with its premium metal design, much loved front-facing speakers and user friendly 4MP UltraPixel camera,  fits in nicely with the current HTC One range albeit it does lack the OIS technology that featured on the HTC One.

HTC’s improved BlinkFeed offers a new feature set and makes customising feeds even easier, they’ve repositioned the power button for practical purposes and HTC One Max customers will be able to make the most of a whopping 50 GB of Google Drive Storage Free for 2 years.

Measuring 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.3 mm and weighing 217 g, is it too big though?  In the end it really does come down to personal preference.  There’s no official word on pricing or an exact release date for the UK but we will keep you posted.