Candy Crush Saga grew too popular algorithm couldn’t keep up with it

Are you one of the millions who play’s Candy Crush Saga on your Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5, tablet, or PC? If so, you must be wondering how popular the game is. According to a report, the game’s popularity grew too popular that an algorithm couldn’t keep up with it.OB-YT006_app_da_G_20130830185417

The news comes to us courtesy of the Wall Street Journal. According to the business news site, “Candy Crush Saga, the popular mobile device game by, has seen some spectacular success. Now, it turns out the candy-puzzle game has grown faster than an algorithm charting its progress could handle.

“AppData, a market research firm that follows Facebook usage of various games and apps, said it is revising its data for the game stretching back to March, saying Candy Crush’s growth was so much larger than its peers that algorithms predicting its size were simply inadequate.

“As a result, AppData is now reporting 132.4 million users who play the game at least once per month. Yesterday, before the adjustment, it was reporting roughly 40 million.”

The site adds, “The revised data is good news for, also known as Midasplayer International Holding Co., as it begins the process of filing for an IPO. The Wall Street Journal reported in June the London company was hiring banker to pursue a U.S. IPO, according to people familiar with the move.

“King’s trajectory to the top has been rather dramatic. Last year, it surpassed Electronic Arts in the number of daily active people playing its games, and earlier this year, it passed Zynga. Now, AppData says, King counts 246.9 million monthly active players, nearly twice as many as Zynga’s 125.5 million.”

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