Blackberry OS 6 Overhaul OS 6.1 Now in the Works

It’s official. RIM has now confirmed that they are now working on the Blackberry OS 6.1 update. What are we to expect from this update? According to RIM, this update will actually be a massive overhaul of the previous version 6.

The BB OS 6 was introduced on BB smartphones such as the Bold and Torch. It was also announced to power the up and coming Blackberry Playbook. This was warmly welcomed by Blackberry enthusiasts. It featured integrated social and RSS feeds. It offered faster and richer tabbed browsing. It allowed you to search better with universal search options. It offered a streamlined multimedia experience with various camera modes, album art, file sharing, a built in app for YouTube, and so much more. It featured a simple setup that allowed you to personalize straight out of the box. Lastly, it offered a fluid and intuitive design that was easier to use.

Although RIM announced the overhaul, they did not officially announce what new features were to come with the update. One hot topic includes the integration of NFC technology. Hopefully, the update will allow us to make use of our BB handsets as mobile hotspots.

Another hot topic is a form of DLNA service. This will allow you to enjoy, share and make use of music, digital photos, and videos. The DLNA status will make blackberry devices more compatible with other devices. This simply means that their devices will be much easier for you to use.

Last year, Blackberry used the OS 6 to flagship the Torch. When the update is released this spring, are we to expect another addition to their roster of devices? Will it be up to par with our expectations? For now, this is all just talk. However, knowing Blackberry, they never cease to surprise us. Let’s just wait and see.

Source: Knowyourmobile

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