New No Credit Check Contract Phones for Bad Credit Consumers

No Credit Check - Alcatel One Touch OT-903
Alcatel One Touch OT-903 No Credit Check contracts

Today sees the launch of two new phones being offered on 12 month contracts with no credit check to pass, ideal for those with a bad credit score who might have been refused a contract phone by the major networks.

The new no credit check contract phones are the Alcatel One Touch OT-903 android handsets in both black and white colour schemes, both of these compact smart phones are now available with a 12 month contract with no need to pass a credit check.

How do No Credit Check contract phone deals work?

It’s all pretty simple really, once you’ve chosen your no credit check phone and plan you simply fill out a quick form and pay your first months line rental upfront, everyone is guaranteed to pass!

The network is an MVNO, the best known of these is the Virgin Mobile network which works on T-Mobile, this network offering contract phones with no credit checks is called Shebang and works on the 3 Mobile operator.

Other no credit check contract handsets include the best-selling Acer Liquid Z2 Android Jelly Bean toting smart phone which is also available in both black and white colour schemes plus the pocket sized Nokia C2-01 for those that prefer a keyboard to a full touch screen experience.

Alcatel One Touch OT-903 No Credit Check Contract Deals

These are the very latest contract deals for Alcatel’s One Touch OT-903 (in black) with no credit check to pass!

If you prefer the white edition then these are the deals available for that model:

What does the Alcatel OT-903 Offer?

The Alcatel OT 903 in black and white is a lightweight and easy to use phone that packs the super versatile and powerful Android Gingerbread software. This means it’s like a portable computer, letting you send emails, download apps, edit photos, watch videos and jump on the internet.

Great features in just one touch. The Alcatel One Touch 903 with Google services pre-loaded.

Main Features:

  • Touchscreen for easy use and navigation
  • 2 megapixel camera with digital zoom
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system
  • Thousands of free apps in Google Play
  • 150MB internal memory and 2GB memory card
  • Wi-Fi connectivity built in for even quicker browsing

With Wi-Fi you can connect to your home or office internet connection wirelessly, so you can stream YoutTube videos and surf the web as much as you want. Going out? Just turn on your 3G mobile internet to get on the net anywhere you are to check the news and send emails. Want to connect your tablet or laptop to the net, but can’t find a Wi-Fi hotspot? The Alcatel OT 903 can share its 3G mobile connection with other devices anywhere.

The Alcatel One Touch OT 903 is super easy to set up thanks to the built-in setup wizard application. This will walk you through getting your contacts on your phone, email setup, social media login…everything you need to get you going. There’s also a Battery Saver app that manages your ALCATEL’s battery consumption, maximising the amount of time between charges.

The Alcatel One Touch OT-903 is compact in size but still manages to pack in all the features you need. It has a 2.8” screen and 2 megapixel camera so you can take some great photos, view them on the screen, and then share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. It also features Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it even quicker to use the mobile internet and download apps.

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