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iPhone on O2 Adverts Start on UK TV

Today was the first time Apple and O2 have started to advertise the new iPhone on UK TV. The ad was seen on satellite channel Dave earlier on today confirming the November 9th rollout with a stylish presentation with the typical hyped American voice over.

Basic bullet points included ‘Why have a phone and an iPod’ and ‘Watch your favourite TV programs on your phone’.

iPhone on O2


Google Mobile Phone to be Announced on Monday

Google’s big idea to launch a mobile phone handset has proved a fertile ground for rumors galore in the mobile industry for a while now. Nothing conclusive so far about the design, UI or anything else has been disclosed. It been under wraps for so long, it’s driving people into a speculative frenzy.

Come Monday and the fog should clear and we should finally be able to get a more-or-less clear picture regarding what the actual deal is. Yes, that’s apparently when Google is going to announce its plans for entering the mobile world. So stay tuned.

Google Phone

Levi's Phone Launch – Levi Black and Levi Silver Mobile Phones

The mobile phone market is changing with designer brands teaming up with manufacturers to produce new and stylish mobile phone models bearing the designer company’s names and logos.

It was a little over two years ago that the industry saw the first ‘designer phone’ for sale in the UK market, it was the Motorola V3i D&G, a hybrid model produced between the manufacturer Motorola and the designer company Dolce and Gabanna. It was a gold coloured phone that made it stand out amonst other models and was branded with the D&G logo on the reverse.

Motorola V3i D&G

This particular handset created a buzz among mobile enthusiasts and saw good sales figures for Motorola, the next phone to be produced after a collaboration between a manufacturer and designer outfit was the ever popular LG Prada phone, the LG KE850. This was slightly different from the Motorola offering as it was not an existing model that had been branded but a new model that was only available as the Prada phone.

Many more new designer phones are now being launched with Mandarina Duck, Ted Baker and Bang & Olufsen all now having models available and new offerings from Giorgio Armani and Porsche coming soon. Some of these handsets are collaborations between the major manufacturers and the designer company such as the Bang & Olufsen and Ted Baker with Samsung, whereas other are handsets that will launch with no mention of the manufacturer but instead just simply show the brand name and logo of the designer.
This could potentially cause some confusion for consumers as existing models already heavily promote their specifications and features widely, these new handsets will have to be researched thoroughly to get the exact specifications on offer.
An example of this was a collaboration between Vodafone and Mclaren Mercedes for the Mclaren Samsung Z720, although it was marketed as a Z720 model it did not hold the same features as some had been removed like the built-in flash for the onboard camera.

Part of a Limited Collection of Designer Mobile Phones that are exclusive to The Carphone Warehouse is denim giant Levi Strauss & Co’s first Levi’s branded mobile phone, designed by Modelabs, the French design house based in Paris.

Levi Mobile Phone

Unique in its design, the Levi phones can be customised in 500 ways to add your own personal touch making it yours.

The casing is made from stainless steel with a patterned finish which like their denim is tough, resilient and sexy and will be available in Shiny Silver and Shiny Sand variants with a mirrored screen for the Ladies and Metallic Silver, Black and Brown Copper Brown for the Gents.

The Levi’s Mobile Phone is equipped with a 2 mega pixel camera with video record, MP3 Player, 1.8 inch LCD display screen, 40MB memory with microSD card expansion and comes with Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

Aimed at a younger fashion conscious generation, the Levi’s phone comes with its own detachable chain which can be used to safely secure the handset to your bag or jeans so you always know where it is and accessories such as authentic leather and ‘red label’ holders will ensure that it remains scratch free and in perfect condition.

The new Levi phone is now available as Levi Black and Levi Silver.

LG U990 Viewty is the LG KU990 Viewty

Model name recognition can be a big stumbling block for the not so savvy consumer when looking to buy a new mobile phone, especially when researching online.

A good trick that potential customers tend to use is to search for the exact product name or code using a search engine to compare prices from different retailers from the organic results listed, this method is obviously to try and get the very best deal on the new product but what if that product is known by other names? There is then the problem that the consumer is not aware that the product is known by other descriptions and so may not always be getting the best deal.

This applies in particular to mobile phones as rumour websites often use information gained from the body that approves new models which is sometimes changed after the product has been approved, the problem is that the websites publishing this information are then used by bloggers and other interested parties to write their own articles, the model names then circulate and make their way into the public domain where the general public then start to converse about these new models.

When the model then comes to be released the manufacturer then assigns a new model name as do different networks, a typical example of this is a manufacturer called HTC who provide handsets to the UK networks. They had a model called the TyTN that was then renamed as the SPV M3100 by Orange, XDA Trion by O2 and MDA Vario II by T-Mobile so you can see where there may be some confusion.

This has happened again recently with the launch of the new LG KU990, the many different names of this new device are:

LG U990

LG Viewty

LG KU990


All very confusing and all the same mobile phone.

For the purposes of this article I am going to refer to this model as the LG Viewty, it is a new touchscreen operated handset that incorporates a 5.0 megapixel camera, the camera has a zoom function for close up picture taking, a built-in flash unit for poor light conditions and video supports for recording and playing back short video clips.

LG u990 Viewty

It is a 3G enabled device which allows for fast download speeds of new mobile content such as ringtones, games, themes and wallpapers as well as streaming video of the latest news headlines, movie trailers and music videos.
There is also a secondary camera which when paired with 3G offers face to face video calling where the caller can actually see and hear the person they are conversing with.

The LG Viewty has a new feature that has not been seen in a mobile phone before, it is full YouTube support, this new service allows users to record video clips on their mobile phone and then add some text before uploading directly to the YouTube website from the handset without the need to plug into a computer.

The advice would be that to get the right price for a new mobile phone is to research the handset thoroughly and find out all of the different model names, search for these names in a search engine and compare the various deals, pop into the local mobile phone shop and ask them how the handset might otherwise be known and again compare prices.
The more research a consumer can do on a product the more likely they are not only to learn more about it but to secure the best price.

Mandarina Duck Red, Purple & Green Mobile Phones

Fashion phones are no longer reserved for the rich and famous, as more and more designer companies sign deals with the mobile phone manufacturers the UK market is seeing new and exciting handsets as a more common phenomenon.

Big designer clothing manufacturers such as Prada already have branded mobile phones available after collaborating with LG Electronics to produce the LG Prada and D&G (Dolce and Gabanna) have also teamed up with the mobile manufacturer Motorola to release the Motorola V3i D&G Gold Edition.

More recently another well known clothing designer Ted Baker worked with Samsung to launch the Samsung L760 Ted Baker phone and now a new designer more famous for their handbags has entered the market.

Mandarina Duck was created by two childhood friends, already long-standing business partners, after they decided to branch into leather wear taking their inspiration from a brightly-plumed oriental duck that symbolised happiness and loyalty, after almost thirty years, Mandarina Duck continues to be original and independent, but also modern, coming up with new products as well as new routes to market, in this case three new designer mobile phones.

Alcatel and Mandarina Duck, makers of luxuriously designed handbags and laptop cases, have come together to launch a range of limited edition fashion phones called Mandarina Duck Phones that will make up part of a limited collection exclusive from The Carphone Warehouse.

Mandarina Duck Red

More of a fun filled fashion phone for the ladies than a serious device, the Mandarina Duck, complete with Duck logo on the back casing and available in three colourful tones, Mandarina Duck Cherry Red, Mandarina Duck Purple (Lilac) and Mandarina Duck Green, is made up of a partly rubberised casings that lighten the mood of the day or night to fill it with laughter and joy on one’s travel’s.

Mandarina Duck Purple

The bold clamshell features a bobble charm to add to its fun filled nature and an innovative bag clip that saves you from having to search around in the bottom of your bag trying to find your phone.

Mandarina Duck Green

Each phone features its own colour coordinated display and graphics and features a built-in MP3 music Player which can be filled with new music tracks by either uploading from a PC or downloading direct from the mobile internet, a digital camera with zoom function for close up photography and support for video record and playback, wap browser for surfing the web, Bluetooth wireless connectivity with A2DP Stereo support for wireless connections to headsets and hands free car kits as well as wireless transfer of music, video and picture files to compatible devices and can operate in Flight mode with up to 10 hours of music playback meaning that when flying the handsets network connection is switched off so as not to interfere with the planes electronics but still allows access to key features such as the MP3 player and games.

Internal memory is 10MB which can be expanded with the use of microSD card expansion up to 1GB to provide plenty of storage capacity and the phone is preloaded with embedded Mandarina Duck images and animations for complete designer customisation.

The new Mandarina Duck Purple phone represents a new era in mobile telecommunications as more top named brands strike deals with the manufacturers and networks there are going to be many more collaborations producing even more innovative and stylish mobile devices.


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