Apple testing 13-inch screens for iPads and bigger screens for iPhones, according to a report

According to a report, Apple is testing 13-inch screens for upcoming iPads and bigger screens for upcoming iPhones. Currently, the iPhone’s screen measures 4 inches, while the iPad’s screen measures 9.7 inches. If true, this would mean that future iPhones and iPads would sport screens as big as the competition has to

The report comes to us via the Wall Street Journal. WSJ reports, “People at Apple’s suppliers said it asked for prototype smartphone screens larger than its current iPhone in recent months, and has asked for screen designs for a new tablet measuring slightly less than 13 inches. Whether the designs will make their way to market is unclear, but they could lead to Apple phones and tablets that are larger than the current 4-inch iPhone 5 and 9.7-inch iPad.”

It adds, “The tests with suppliers suggest that Apple is exploring ways to capture customer interest in smartphones and tablets from competitors that come in various sizes. Its biggest rival in the tablet and smartphone markets, South Korea’s Samsung, offers products with different features and sizes in what its executives say is an effort to appeal to as many customers as possible. The products have allowed Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone maker, even though Apple still leads in tablets.”

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