Apple iPhone 5S to sport slow-motion camera tech

Digging deeper into iOS 7 code, it has been discovered that the iPhone 5S, successor of the iPhone 5, may sport slow-motion camera tech.iphone-5-camera-640x469

The news comes to us courtesy of 9to5Mac. It reports, “Besides a dual-LED flash setup and perhaps a 13MP Sony-designed sensor, we have discovered that Apple is designing a new iPhone camera feature called “Mogul” mode. A mogul is defined as “a powerful person in a media industry,” making the word a perfect codename (or even a marketing name) for a new iPhone camera feature. The discovery, shared with us by Hamza Sood, comes by way of hidden references inside of the latest iOS 7 betas.”

It adds, “Perhaps also forecasting Apple’s own use of slow-motion technology in an iPhone camera feature is the presence of new developer-facing camera APIs and frameworks in iOS 7.

“In iOS 7, developers have access to new 60 frames-per-second video recording functionality. Coupled with this is support for enhanced playback, audio recording, editing, and exporting of this high-frame rate video. The presence of these features is likely necessary to support the aforementioned “Mogul” hardware-tied feature.”

Of course, these are all rumours for now since Apple is yet to confirm the report.

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