Apple iPhone 5S rumoured to sport A7 chip – 31% faster than A6

The Apple iPhone 5S is rumoured to sport the A7 chip. The A7 chip is said to be 31% faster than the A6 chip, which can be found under the hood of the iPhone 5.iPhone-5S-gold

The rumour comes from Fox News reporter, Clayton Morris. The reporter tweeted, “Sources are telling me the new iPhone’s A7 chip is running at about 31% faster than A6. I’m hearing it’s very fast.”

The iPhone 5S is also said to sport a separate chip for motion tracking. Morris said in a separate tweet, “I’ve also heard there’s a separate chip devoted to motion tracking. Should be an interesting camera upgrade.”

Of course, you should treat this with a pinch of salt, since Apple is yet to announce details on its upcoming iPhone.

Apple is expected to officially unveil the iPhone 5S alongside the iPhone 5C on the 10th of September. We’ll know by then if the rumours are true or not.

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