Apple iPhone 5C reportedly forcing buyers to buy the iPhone 5S

We all know more units of the Apple iPhone 5S are sold compared to the iPhone 5C, despite the fruity coloured blower being cheaper. So what’s the reason behind this? According to a study, the iPhone 5C forces buyers to get their hands on the more expensive iPhone 5S.


re/code reports CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) analyst Josh Lowitz saying in an email, “The design update worked for Apple, since the would-be mid-priced [iPhone] 5 customers seem to have migrated to the higher priced flagship 5s. The jury is out on how successful the 5c was in attracting new customers, but we do know that Apple increased the average selling price of iPhones overall.”

He adds, “If the old iPhone 5 had been the mid-priced phone, we expect that it would have sold a higher percentage of iPhones than the 5c did, as previous mid-priced legacy iPhones have. The 5c seems to have been designed to force certain buyers to the 5s.”

Interesting theory. If true, this would mean that certain buyers opt to shell out more money on the iPhone 5S, simply because they are disappointed with the iPhone 5C. The question is, was this a deliberate move on Apple’s part?

What do you think? Did you get your hands on the Apple iPhone 5S because you were disappointed with the Apple iPhone 5C? Let us know your reason through a comment on our Phones Limited Facebook page.

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