Apple about to hit the 25 billion download mark from its App Store – lucky 25 billionth will get a price

The Cupertino firm Apple is within an arm’s reach of achieving its 25 billionth download from its App Store. The lucky Apple customer who downloads the 25 billionth app for their iPhone 4S, iPad 2, or any other iDevice will be awarded an App Store voucher worth $10,000. That’s a £6,300 App Store voucher if the lucky person happens to be someone from the UK.

Sound good? Well, it might, but can you honestly spend that much money on more apps for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod? You might be able to if you’re planning to get apps from the App Store for years to come. Honestly, Apple could have done better by giving out a set of iDevices for the lucky winner, maybe an iPhone 4S, an iPod Touch, and an iPad 2. Throw in a 17 inch MacBook Pro and they’re sure to hit the 25 billionth download mark in no time.

With the Android Market challenging the Apple App Store and the Windows Phone Marketplace soon to give Apple’s app offering a run for its money with Windows 8, Apple should have come up with a better price than a $10,000 App Store Voucher. After all, they do have billions upon billions to spare.

Do you think Apple could have done better, or do you think an Apple App Store voucher worth $10,000 hits the spot? Give us your thoughts.


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