49% of Android devices now powered by Jelly Bean

49% of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are now powered by Jelly Bean.chart

From figures taken from Google, PhoneArena reports, “Android Jelly Bean is getting real close to the 50% threshold, or in other words – half of all devices on the droid platform are now running a version of Jelly Bean, mostly 4.2.1 (36.5%), while the newest Android 4.3 only accounts for 1.5% right now. Neither of these numbers appear surprising in the least – Jelly Bean is by far the most polished of all major updates, and it has proven to work just fine even on less potent hardware. We would, however, definitely like to see more devices leave the now dated 4.2.1 build and move onto 4.3, though this has traditionally proven problematic.

“On the other hand, super-old versions of Android, like Gingerbread, are still pretty popular, at 28.5%. These include all the legacy devices that are still operational, though we’re still seeing new devices coming out with the OS, mostly in China and India.

“At 20.6%, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has a fifth of the market, though we expect a good number of those to start making the jump to Jelly Bean sooner or later. Unfortunately, there are quite a few ICS devices out right now who have been officially cut off, so that’s that.”

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