46% of iOS 7-using Americans think Apple ‘oversold Siri’

A new poll reveals that 46% of iOS 7-using Americans think that Apple “oversold Siri,” the virtual personal assistant on devices such as the Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5, Apple iPhone 5C, and Apple iPhone 5S.


The poll was conducted by Intelligent Voice. It reports, “We commissioned a poll of over 2,000 Americans to see whether they had used Siri in iOS7, what they thought of Siri’s capabilities, and whether they had been “oversold” by Apple.

“The results were a little shocking.  Once we had pruned out those people who did not use Siri on iOS7 (being the most up-to-date version and now officially out of beta), we were able to ask two different groups of people to rate Siri, and to say whether they thought Siri had been oversold.  Both groups came back with almost identical results.”

Speaking about the first group, it said, “The first group, asked if they felt that Apple had “oversold the voice recognition capabilities of Siri” came back with 46% agreeing, an amazingly high result when you consider this is a flagship application.


Speaking about the second group, it said, “The second question looked more at how people rated accuracy.  This question was asked of a different sample group, and they came back with a 44% “Hit or Miss” or worse score”


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