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New Apple patent hints iPhone 5 sporting 3D camera

PatentlyApple reports that Apple’s newly filed patent suggest that the iPhone 5 may sport a 3D camera.

The website has obtained a picture of the patent, which shows three sensors that combine views from two separate images. This is how our eyes see things around us, and might be the way things are viewed on the iPhone 4S’ successor. The HTC EVO 3D works in a similar way, but three sensors is a first for us.

Judging from the patent, one sensor on each side will be responsible for colour. The sensor in the middle will be responsible for brightness. Although it’s still unclear how these three sensors actually work, it looks like the three will deliver better picture quality compared to the current technology.

PatentlyApple adds that apple proposed tech may be for more than just 3D imaging. It can be also used to recognize facial expressions and 3D scanning. This means that the phone will know what you are feeling, and print images in 3D.

Although this may be an exciting prospect, companies are known for patenting ideas without making their concepts a reality. Apple is no exception. So take this information with a pinch of salt. We’ll get to see if the iPhone 5 sports a 3D camera or not on its expected launch in October.

Do you think the iPhone 5 will sport a 3D camera, or do you think this is unlikely to happen? Give us your thoughts.


Google rumoured to be working on an online shop that sells Android tablets

According to Engadget, The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google may be launching its own online shop, focused on selling Android tablets.

Google is the company behind the highly popular Android operating system. It chooses to create the software and leaves hardware to device manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Asus, HTC, and Sony. However, it may be thinking that these manufacturers are not doing good enough against the iPad, which is why it may launch its own store focused on selling Android tablets.

Currently, there are a few Android tablets that are considered successful. These are Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, and ASUS’ Transformer Prime. Other tablets such as the Motorola Xoom have not made a significant impact on the market. However, no matter how successful this handful of Android tablet may be, they are no match to the phenomenal popularity of the iPad. Its possible Google may use its influence on the internet to better compete with Apple’s slate.

Selling hardware online is not new to Google. It once tried marketing the Nexus One on its online shop, but scrapped its online store only after a few months. Will Google succeed in selling tablets this time? This remains to be seen.


RIM responds to reports of conceding to its rivals – says it will continue compete in the consumer market

Previously, the BBC reported that RIM (Research In Motion) was planning to abandon the consumer market and focus more on its enterprise customers. This follows RIM announcing losses of $125 million (approximately £78 million) for Q1 2012. If true, this means that handsets such as the Curve 9360 and Bold 9900 would no longer be available for the regular consumer. This would also mean that RIM was giving up on competing with the iPhone and Android handsets. RIM has responded to these claims.

RIM has dispelled rumours claiming that it has conceded to the iPhone and Android handsets. RIM said, “The claim that RIM has said it will withdraw from the consumer market is wholly misleading. Whilst we announced plans to re-focus on our core strengths, and on our enterprise customer base, we were very explicit that we will continue to build on our strengths to go after targeted consumer segments.”

We’re not exactly sure which “targeted consumer segments” RIM plans to focus on, but it looks like RIM isn’t giving up just yet. We’ll just have to wait a few more months for the expected launch of new Blackberry 7 devices to know for sure what RIM’s plans are.

What do you think RIM is planning for the ordinary consumer? Give us our thoughts.


Report claims RIM concedes to Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android – focuses on enterprise customers instead

According to the BBC, RIM (Research In Motion), makers of handsets such as the Curve 9360 and the Bold 9900, has conceded to its rivals Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. RIM has reportedly decided to focus more on its enterprise customers.

BBC’s report is based on RIM announcing losses of $125 million (approximately £78 million) for Q1 2012. If true, this would mean that we would no longer see Blackberry handsets for the ordinary consumer but businesses instead.

Businesses prefer giving employees Blackberry handsets due to their uniformity. Meaning they all function under one platform and security.

Although RIM manages to stay afloat with the business sector, it has failed to compete with devices such as the iOS-powered iPhone 4S and the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S2.

Although this report does make a lot of sense, Blackberry handsets are still popular with the youth, since the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) allows them to enjoy more from unlimited messaging. So we’re not exactly sure if RIM has bowed down in the consumer market and decided to focus on the enterprise market.

Do you think RIM has conceded to its rivals in the consumer market and decided to focus more on the enterprise market, or do you think RIM still has what it takes to compete? Give us your thoughts.


New HTC One X Gets Three Mobile Contract Deals from Free

The new flagship smart phone from HTC’s latest ‘One’ series has now been launched by Three Mobile on their full range of contract deals, this is the fifth network release for the quad-core powered HTC One X with pay monthly offers already available on T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and Vodafone so lets see how these latest deals stack up.

Currently, the cheapest contract deal offering a free HTC One X phone on the Three Mobile network is set at £30 line rental whilst the cheapest offer from the other competing networks that includes a free handset is offered by O2 at £27 per month, the difference here is in the detail, the Three Mobile deal is better for ‘talkers’ whilst the O2 package is better for data consumption.

The Three tariff offers 500 minutes, 5000 SMS and 250MB of data which would usually be enough data for an average user who doesn’t watch too many online video clips (one of the worst ways to chew up your data allowance), the O2 deal packs double the data allowance at 500MB but decreases the minutes to 300 per month whilst offering unlimited text messaging which to be fair is not really that far off 5000 – if anyone really could send that many in a month!

HTC One X Contract Deals
HTC One X Contract Deals

This is the black edition of the HTC One X which is also known as Glamour Grey and is also available in white known as Polar White, by far the most advanced smart phone to come out of the HTC camp the One X is the first to sport a quad-core processor running at 1.5GHz and also packs a second chip for handling its camera features, this is an 8 mega pixel lens that shoots video clips in full 1080p HD and can even snap pictures whilst in both record or playback mode.

These look great on the phones 4.7 inch HD touch screen display at 720p and can also be transferred to an HD TV using an HTC Media Link HD adapter, the screen is in itself a thing of beauty with a curved edge that slides off into the phones housing, we’ve seen a similar design feature in the Nokia Lumia 800 and it gives a quality of seamlessness between screen and phone.

This is a big screen phone which seem to be a part of a new breed of smart phone, the size is matched by the HTC Sensation XL and Titan at 4.7 inches although the One X is a far slimmer device whilst Samsung took things one step further with the Galaxy Note at 5.3 inches but it seems this is the way phones are going to progress with bigger and better screen technology almost edging into the tablet arena.

The full HTC One range all sport the extra imaging chip as well as Beats Audio in their multimedia players, the other phones in the range include the HTC One S which is an advanced mid-range handset and the HTC One V which takes on a similar design to the previous HTC Legend and Hero handsets sporting a ‘chin’ format at the bottom of the phone, all three of these new devices run the latest Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ edition operating system which first launched in the Google branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

For those looking for the next big Android phone the One X could be the answer, there looks to be some delay in the release of the Samsung Galaxy S2 upgrade; the Galaxy S3 which many are holding out for and this latest HTC phone fills a mighty gap in the market, other competing quad-core handsets being readied for release include the Huawei Ascend D Quad, LG Optimus 4X HD and as rumour has it; the New iPhone 5 so there should be plenty of choice later in the year.

HTC One X deals

HTC One X White