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LG Optimus 3D Lands on Talk Mobile with 1GB Internet Access

The brand new LG Optimus 3D has now been launched on Talk Mobile’s full range of pay monthly tariffs, the first ever mobile phone to feature a 3D ‘glasses free’ display screen is now available across 5 UK networks with this latest release.

Talk Mobile deals for the LG Optimus 3D all include a generous […]

LG Optimus Black Released on O2 Deals

The new, super thin LG Optimus Black smart phone has now been released on O2 contract deals in the UK, following launches on both Orange and T-Mobile there are now more deals than ever before available for this new NOVA screen toting LG phone.

O2 deals for the LG Optimus Black will set you back […]

Nokia E6 White Edition Joins the Black Nokia E6 on Orange

The black Nokia E6 was released yesterday on Orange contract deals in the UK and today the sleek white edition of the Nokia E6 has joined the range also on the Orange network.

Both the White & Black Nokia E6 on Orange are now available free of charge from £25 per month and the retailers […]

Nokia E6 – Nokia’s New Qwerty E6-00 Now on Orange Deals

If you love using physical buttons when writing emails and texting your friends then the new Nokia E6 has got you covered, featuring a front facing qwerty keypad with well spaced keys you’ll be able to quickly and easily tap out your messages and status updates using the slim and comfortable E6.

Nokia E6 deals […]

Pink HTC Wildfire S

There are currently 3 colour schemes available for the new HTC Wildfire S, these include the original silver white edition plus the more recent all black model and a Vodafone exclusive purple variant but this is all set to change with the introduction of a pretty new colour.

The Pink HTC Wildfire S is set […]