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Interesting Facts on the iPad in the UK

Among the Apple iDevices such as the iPhone 3G S, the iPhone 4, and the iPad, which one do you think has influenced the way we look at technology. Some Britons think that it is Apple’s tablet. Although there are some who think that tablets are the next big thing when it comes to technology; […]

Tablets – Technological Marvel or Just a Fad

These days, we see tablets in the hands of a growing number of users. Ever since the iPad was launched in March of 2010, tablet technology has created such an infectious craze that more and more people want one. We see people lining up for hours upon hours just waiting to get the iPad 2 […]

Heartbeat Generates Power for Future Apple Devices?

These days, renewable and unlimited sources of power are constantly being harnessed. We see cars that run on electricity; we now harness power from the sun; we collect power form the wind, and we are constantly on the lookout for other alternative sources of power. This way, we never have to rely on our dwindling […]

iPhone Games That Will Give Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play Games a Run for its Money

This 2011, there is one Android smartphone that has changed the way we play games on mobile devices. This is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play. Once the 4 inch display is pushed upwards, it reveals controls similar to that of a PSP. This game controller will allow you to play popular console game titles. It […]

10 Reasons for the iPhone 5 Delay

If you are an avid iOS enthusiast, you must have been following the developments on the iPad, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3G S closely. You also must have been terribly excited about the expected release of the iPhone 5 this summer. However, there have been reports of this release being pushed back to September. This […]