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White Nokia C5-03 Deals

The new Nokia C5-03 has now been given a white makeover and released on T-Mobile deals, joining the original black and more recent green and silver colour schemes the new Nokia C5-03 in white simply opts for a new white casing keeping all of the features from the previous models.

White Nokia C5-03 deals on T-Mobile are now available from £15.32 per month and this latest little white Nokia phone is free on all tariffs. The C5-03 is a direct upgrade to the Nokia 5800 series and takes its features and design one step further.

White Nokia C5-03
White Nokia C5-03

The White Nokia C5-03 comprises of a wide range of useful functionality such as an MP4 multimedia player, which is coupled with an MP3 music player, both of which are able to play various file formats. In addition, the C5-03 comes with a stereo FM radio as well as a range of games, with the added bonus of being able to download additional Java based games. A 5.0 megapixel camera is provided, for those who enjoy taking photographic imagery, which incorporates geo-tagging as standard, whilst also providing VGA quality video recording at 15 frames per second.

As you would expect with a Nokia phone of this quality, the Nokia C5-03 comes with MMS, SMS, e-mail and instant messaging functionality in addition to a WAP 2.0 browser that also offers RSS feed access. In addition multiple means of connectivity are provided by virtue of the Wi-Fi and HSDPA connections, offering fast Internet access at 10.2 Mbps, in addition to micro-USB and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition a microSD card slot is provided as well as EDGE and GPRS connections.

The screen itself is a joy to behold, offering TFT resistive technology coupled with touch screen functionality, and within which it can display an impressive 16 million colour combination’s within its 3.2 inch size. From a pixel resolution perspective the screen operates at 360 x 640 pixels, whilst also providing the user with the benefits of handwriting recognition, and the automation aspects of an accelerometer sensor.

The Nokia C5-03, in conjunction with the Nokia N8 has proved to be a popular choice for the consumer. Their engaging levels of technology and functionality offer accomplished mobile phone capabilities, whilst retaining an aesthetic appeal that is typically Nokia. This particular phone is compact and offers a veritable feast of choice, in both its advanced technology and its colour variant options.

White Nokia C5-03 deals

Nokia C5-03 deals

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Green Nokia C5-03

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HTC ChaCha Release Date SIM Free

Joining a raft of new releases announced by HTC at this years Mobile World Congress is the new HTC ChaCha, featuring a front facing qwerty keyboard this is a really different design from the manufacturer and also includes the new dedicated Facebook button which is also found on the HTC Salsa.

The HTC ChaCha has now been given a release date as a SIM free phone with no network locks or branding, the date has been set for June 17th 2011 although it is likely that the ChaCha will be released before this on network contract deals.


18/05/11 – HTC ChaCha Deals Released


HTC ChaCha
HTC ChaCha

The HTC ChaCha offers something different from the usual HTC style handset. This android-based phone offers an impressive array of functionality as well as a QWERTY keyboard which in some ways is reminiscent of a Blackberry device. The handset measures 114 mm x 64 mm wide whilst being 10 mm thick and weighing 120 g in weight.

The HTC ChaCha comes with a 2.6 inch TFT touch screen, which effectively displays 256,000 colours within a 480 x 320 pixel screen resolution. The unit comes with a QWERTY keyboard which is located underneath the display screen and provides simple yet effective text and data entry. The handset also comes with proximity and accelerometer sensors as standard.

This new HTC phone provides the standard ring and vibration alert options, in addition to a speakerphone and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The units phone book is able to retain practically unlimited numbers of entries whilst also providing photo call functionality.

The ChaCha comes with a range of connectivity options which include a microSD card slot, which can be utilised to increase the available memory capacity within the unit up to 32 GB. In addition Wi Fi is provided as well as HSDPA connectivity which offers fast and effective Internet access. The unit also provides the usual elements of Bluetooth and USB connectivity in addition to EDGE and GPRS.

The handset utilises a 600 MHz processor as well as the gingerbread version of the android operating system, which is version 2.4. Satellite navigation is provided, and comes with the added virtue of A-GPS support. In addition for those who like taking photographic imagery, the unit comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera that operates at 2592 x 1940 pixels and includes autofocus, face detection as well as geo-tagging and an LED flash. In addition the camera can be utilised to record video as an alternative to photographic imagery. The handset also has the virtue of a second camera which operates a VGA quality.

The HTC ChaCha, which is similar to the HTC7 Trophy, offers unadulterated luxury and smart phone technology within a stylish and appealing mobile phone.

HTC ChaCha deals


Samsung Galaxy Ace Deals – Now on O2

The brand new Galaxy Ace from Samsung has now been launched on a third network, following releases on 3 Mobile and Orange the Samsung Galaxy Ace is now available on a large selection of O2 deals.

Samsung Galaxy Ace deals on O2 could cost you as little as £10.21 per month line rental and to receive a free Galaxy Ace you’ll only need opt for the O2 300 Unlimited tariff costing £25.53 and the deal includes 9 months free line rental by redemption.

The S5830 Ace is one of many new phones from the Galaxy range and joins the Samsung Galaxy S2, Gio, Mini and Fit  from the manufacturers announcements at this years Mobile World Congress.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace offers sumptuous levels of functionality, encased within a stylish casing that offers something different. This handset is compact measuring 112 mm x 59 mm wide whilst being 11 mm thick and weighing only 113 g in weight.

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Ace

The S5830 Galaxy Ace comes with a 3.5 inch TFT capacitive touch screen that displays outstanding quality imagery by virtue of the 16 million colours it is able to display within a pixel resolution which is quoted at 320 x 480 pixels. The handset provides a range of navigation controls in the form of touch sensitive controls as well as Swype text input and the touchWiz user interface, version 3.0. In addition the unit comes with an accelerometer sensor, which automates the task of image orientation. The unit comes with entertainment options which include a stereo FM radio, with RDS as well as a variety of games and the added benefit of an MP4/MP3 multimedia player.

The handset is a smart phone which utilises the android operating system, version 2.2 in addition to an 800 MHz processor, which provides a stable and reliable operating system. The unit comes with a range of features which include satellite navigation, with the added benefit of A-GPS support in addition to a 5.0 megapixel camera which operates at 2592 x 1944 pixels and includes autofocus, face and smile detection as well as geo-tagging and an LED flash for illumination. The unit also comes with a document viewer, voice memo, predictive text input as well as an organiser and a range of Google related features such as Gmail, YouTube and Google talk.

This new Samsung phone comes with a range of connectivity options which include a microSD card slot which is generally utilised to increase the available memory capacity, which within this particular unit can be increased up to 32 GB. The handset actually comes with a 2 GB card included as standard. Additional connectivity is provided by virtue of the Bluetooth, micro-USB, GPRS and EDGE connections, whilst high-speed Internet access is provided by the handsets HSDPA connection, as well as the option of utilising the available Wi Fi option.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace, like the Samsung Galaxy S2, offers impressive functionality with an aesthetic appeal that is second to none but comes with a cheaper price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Ace deals


HTC Desire S Price and Release Date

The much anticipated upgrade to the HTC Desire has now received a release date and pricing as a SIM free phone, the new HTC Desire S is set to take over where the original model left off with brand new features, an upgraded OS, more powerful hardware and a sleek new design.

The HTC Desire S has been given a release date of Wednesday 30th March for its SIM free launch, this means the Desire S will be completely unlocked to all networks allowing the customer to decide which type and network’s SIM card to use in their new HTC phone.

The SIM free HTC Desire S has been given a price tag of £399.99 although this will be discounted heavily once the networks get their hands on it, it is also likely to be a little cheaper once competition starts between the SIM free retailers as stocks enter the country.


HTC Desire S
HTC Desire S

The HTC Desire S has video calling with a front facing VGA camera alongside its rear facing 5 megapixel camera for HD video recording and more unlike the current HTC Desire. The handset also has the Android operating system with the intuitive HTC Sense user interface for social networking optimization and more.

This new HTC phones 5 megapixel camera offers auto focus and a power LED flash and can perform 720 pixel resolution High Definition video recording as can the HTC Desire HD respectively. The handset also has a front facing fixed focus VGA camera which hallows you to perform video calls with fiends or snap shots of yourself more easily. The handset offers the Sense user experience which includes apps such as Friend Stream and People to integrate your phone book contacts with their social networking profiles and statuses as well as let you know when its their birthday.

The Desire S offers 1.1 gigabytes of internal phone storage memory alongside a microSD card expansion slot which offers up to 32 gigabytes of storage on any single swappable card allowing you endless storage for videos, music and more on your handset. The phone is also able to perform multitasking running multiple apps at once as with the HTC Desire HD and other Android handsets, and is powered by 1 GHz processor and 768 megabytes of random access memory respectively. Connectivity meanwhile is offered via Bluetooth 2.1 file transfer capabilities as well as the A2DP wireless stereo profile and also a microUSB port for syncing and fast file sharing to a compatible PC.

The phone comes with a large 3.7 inch display and offers a 480 by 800 resolution and simple touch controls and data input to move around the easy to use operating system and combined user interface (Sense). The handset also has an internal GPS receiver as do others handsets on the market respectively, and enables Geotagging of photos and HD videos captured as well as location based services through Google Maps and other applications.

The HTC Desire S is a compact and powerful Android handset which enables you to perform tasks easily and quickly through the user experience offered as well as capture great videos in HD and still images on the camera. There is also location based services and social networking integration alongside impressive connectivity. Altogether it is a fast and flexible handset which allows you to customise it with the apps and resources you want.

HTC Desire S deals

HTC Desire S Red

HTC Desire S Silver Teal


HTC Incredible S Now on O2 Deals

The new HTC Incredible S has now been released on O2 after being launched just yesterday on Vodafone deals, this latest HTC smart phone packs in a huge feature set, the latest hardware and a stunning new ‘noir’ design from the manufacturer.

The HTC Incredible S is now available on O2 deals from free, the cheapest line rental is £10.21 per month whilst a free Incredible S is available at £25.53, this is on O2’s 300 Unlimited tariff and there is also a range of free gifts to choose from on the higher tariffs.

HTC Incredible S
HTC Incredible S

Part of the new “S” series of handsets released by mobile phone giants HTC is the impressive looking Incredible S. The phone not only sports and impressive array of features that will keep most users happy, but it also features the new “inside out” design that allows the user to see the contours of some of the internal elements of the phone.

The look of this model is certainly eye catching and does make the HTC Incredible S stand out amongst both its sister models as well as its competitors. The rear panel of the phone has a matt black finish, in stark contrast to the gloss that accompanies many handsets, this makes the model look both understated as well as classy, and the brand have gone as far as even blacking out their own name.

This look will appeal to many people, especially those looking for a phone with style as well as substance. The back shell also has contours that outline some of the inside parts of the phone, this is very subtle, yet adds to the appeal. Flip the handset over and you are faced with a screen that entirely dominates the front panel. At 4 inches, the screen pitches itself somewhere between the regular smartphone offerings such as the iPhone 4 and the giant screens found on models such as the HTC Desire HD.

This is no bad thing, certainly clarity on the screen is superb, thanks to S LCD screen technology along with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and the capability of handling up to 16 million colours. Beneath this impressive display are four touch sensitive Android keys that illuminate when the phone is in use.

As a multi media handset, the HTC Incredible S is really well equipped. Camera wise the phone pitches in above the industry standard with a facility capable of capturing images at 8 million pixel resolution. This feature also benefits from the presence of both a dual LED flash as well as an autofocus, helping to ensure you pictures always look as vivid as possible.

The video capture is equally as impressive, with the phone boasting high definition recording at a frame rate of 30 per second and resolution of 720P. With regards to storage capacity, the phone is fairly limited with just 1GB of space, however HTC are hoping you will utilise the micro SD card slot which enables cards to be added in sizes of up to 32GB.

The HTC Incredible S strikes a perfect balance of high end smartphone functionality coupled with a classy and modern look that ensure this model should prove as popular as other offerings from the brand such as the Desire and the Legend. The Incredible S has been released on both O2 and Vodafone in the UK.

HTC Incredible S deals