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Nokia 2220 Slide Released on T-Mobile Deals

A new model from Nokia’s Slide range of phones has now been launched on T-Mobile pay monthly deals, the Nokia 2220 Slide is a new budget handset that’s big on style without compromising on those essential features.

This is the first colour variant of this new sliding phone in Grey, there are also planned releases for the Nokia 2220 Slide in Pink, Blue/Turquoise, Champagne/Sand, Green, Purple and Silver amongst others.

At point of release, the best T-Mobile deals for the Nokia 2220 is on the T-Mobile Combi 15 tariff, this demands just £15 per month in line rental in exchange for 100 minutes of calls to use at any time and to any network or landline as well as unlimited SMS each and every month.

Nokia 2220 Slide
Nokia 2220 Slide

The Nokia 2220 Slide mobile phone proves that style can be simple. With it’s handy slide-to-open design and robust built – it’s built to last. Features include a VGA camera FM radio with a FM recording application and even a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use your own pair of headphones. Other handy applications are a WAP browser for surfing the internet or sending/reading emails and even a few built in games to pass the time.

Protect your keypad from dust and dirt with the stylish slide-to-open design.

Take quick simple pictures with the built-in VGA camera.

Music shows and news on the move with FM radio functionality.

Check emails or browse compatible web sites using the WAP browser.

Enjoy the comfort of your own headphones via the 3.5mm audio jack.

Fight boredom with the built in mobile games.

Nokia 2220 Slide Deals

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Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 offers one of the fastest internet connections available within a mobile phone. In addition the E72 offers a wide variety of functionality as well as a stable operating system and user-friendly style. Its styling is similar to a Blackberry handset, and offers smart phone technology within a compact and slim line casing.

The front face of the Nokia E72 offers a 2.3 inch TFT display screen as well as a full QWERTY keyboard underneath it. A five way scroll key is provided as further means of navigating around the functionality, which is simple to use and responsive. In addition an optical track pad is provided. The display screen is able to display up to 16 million colours within the confines of a 320 x 240 pixel screen size.

Nokia E72
Nokia E72

The E72 makes use of an ARM 11 600 MHz processor, coupled with the Symbian 9.3 version operating system. Stability and reliability go hand-in-hand with these two bedfellows, and offers a suitable platform for the enclosed functionality. Connectivity is provided by a variety of means within this mobile phone, with class 32 versions of GPRS and EDGE, as well as micro USB and Bluetooth connections. The aforementioned internet access is provided by the HSDPA and Wi Fi connections, offering speeds of up to 10.2 Mbps with the added bonus of being able to utilise nationally available hotspots.

Video capture is provided at VGA quality and at 15 frames per second, by virtue of the phones 5.0 megapixel camera. The camera provides suitable means to take effective imagery at a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. Auto focus and an LED flash, come as standard with this package. A secondary camera provides VGA quality video call capability.

In addition to the aforementioned functionality, the Nokia E72 comes with a MP4/MP3 media player, as well as a document editor, Flash Lite version 3.0 and a digital compass. A useful stereo FM radio comes with RDS capabilities and includes a feature called visual radio. Satellite navigation is provided which comes with Nokia maps 3.0 and A-GPS support.

The Nokia E72 has many similarities with the Nokia 6710 Navigator, in that both offer effective functionality. This particular handset provides a wide variety of useful technology and its popularity is down to a simple and user friendly interface.

Nokia E72 Deals

Silver Nokia E72


Sonim XP2.10 Spirit Released SIM Free

The next evolution of the Sonim tough phone has now been launched SIM Free, the new Sonim Spirit is also known by its model number as the XP2.10 and is the latest model from the durable phone manufacturer.

The Sonim XP2.10 is now available unlocked to all networks, you simply remove the back panel and insert your own SIM card either on contract or pay as you go and continue using your current mobile number.

Sonim XP2.10 Spirit
Sonim XP2.10 Spirit

Sonim’s XP2.10 Spirit is a hardy 3G mobile phone designed for use in testing conditions.

With a highly resistant, 2-inch Gorilla glass screen, the Sonim Spirit isn’t damaged by scratches and impacts. It’s waterproof to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. Plus, it shrugs off dust and micro particles and survives falls from height of up to 2 metres. This telephone won’t even yield to vibrations (up to 4 G) and extreme temperatures (-20°C/+55°C).

As well as being incredibly tough, the Spirit by Sonim is packed with fantastic technologies. The XP-2.10 is compatible with WAP and boasts Bluetooth support to get you online instantly and enable you to chat with friends and family without wires. This mobile can also double up as a multimedia player. The possibilities are endless!

As a camcorder or camera, the XP 2.10 can shoot photos and videos with 3-megapixel resolution. The XP 2.10 Spirit can be used as a portable music player too, coming with an integrated FM tuner for the radio and a host of Java application to keep you entertained.

The Sonim XP2.10 Spirit truly is built to last!

Sonim XP2.10 Spirit Deals

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The LG BL20 has since its release become one of LG’s most prized possessions. This new LG Chocolate slider phone offers a futuristic styling that befits a modern age mobile phone. Incorporating an impressive level of functionality encased within an aesthetically pleasing casing has ensured its success. The LG BL20 is relatively compact at only 106 mm x 50 mm wide, whilst it is only 12 mm thick and weighs 115 g. It is comfortable to hold and use and is extremely responsive to touch.

One of the key features of this latest ‘Black Label’ handset is its 5.0 megapixel camera, which alternatively is able to take QVGA quality video recording at 15 frames per second. The cameras ability to take quality imagery is enhanced by the fact that it utilises Schneider-Kreuznach optics. In addition, auto focus and an LED flash, for illumination purposes are also provided as standard.


Internet access is available with the BL20 through its HSDPA connection, which offers web surfing access speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. In addition, both blue tooth and USB connections are provided as well as class 12 versions of GPRS and EDGE. An integrated microSD card slot is also provided, which can be utilised to expand the memory from the internal 60 MB, up to a more creditable 16 GB.

The handsets display screen, offers excellent colour reproduction by virtue of the fact that it can display up to 262,000 colours within the confines of the pixel screen size of 240 x 320 pixels. The overall screen size of this particular display screen is 2.4 inches. The front face also includes a variety of touch sensitive navigation keys, which are hidden, yet responsive to touch and effective.

The LG BL20 Chocolate also provides a variety of entertainment options which include an FM radio, a variety of games, with the option to download further games and MP4/MP3 media player, which supports all major audio and video file formats comfortably. In addition an organiser and voice memo facility are provided, which offers the opportunity to keep abreast of important information as well as take vocal notes while on the move. The unit provides vibration and ring alert types, with the option to download polyphonic and MP3 ringtones as well as providing a speakerphone and photo call feature.

The LG BL20 Chocolate Purple is a new colour variant of this particular favourite, which also comes in a black version. The unit is an impressive mobile phone with a multitude of functionality and is eminently usable.

LG BL20 Deals

LG BL20 Purple


Nokia E72 – O2 Deals

The Nokia E72 has finally made onto the O2 network after being released back in November of last year, this ‘ultimate communication device’ from Nokia offers a front facing Qwerty keypad and fast connectivity making the E72 as real option as a business phone.

Originally released on Vodafone deals, the Nokia E72 has gone on to be launched as a SIM free phones as well as on Orange, Virgin and T-Mobile pay monthly deals, this latest network release on O2 further expands the number of packages available making it easier to get the best deal for you.

Nokia E72
Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 mobile phone is a high-performance device tailor-made for seamless business and personal communications. Work efficiently from almost anywhere – view and edit documents get online quickly with built-in 3.5G and Wi-Fi and stay connected for longer with the powerful battery.

Get emails in real time through Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler as well as from your Hotmail Gmail and other personal accounts – and quickly access your favourite IM services.

The E72 also features a highly responsive Optical Navi Key to scroll quickly and smoothly through webpages emails and menus – or as a one-touch autofocus key when using the 5 megapixel camera.

Keep in touch with your business contacts – stay ahead of the game by taking your office with you wherever you go. Take quality pictures with the 5 megapixel camera. Connect via HSDPA and Wi-Fi for high speed web access .

Nokia E72 Deals

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