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Samsung M7600 Beat DJ – Samsung Beat DJ – Samsung M7600 Beat DJ Review

The mobile market is enriched with new models every single day. As a result, the users are always looking for fresh and unique handsets. In order to meet up with the ever increasing demand of the users mobile companies are looking to introduce something innovative. Adding to such innovative introduction is the mobile from Samsung […]

Samsung Lucido – Samsung S7220 Lucido – Samsung Lucido Review

Samsung has captured a good market in mobile phones with its vast range of models. It has introduced the mobiles to meet up with the expectations and the requirements of the user. This time it has brought the candy phone with 5MP camera and array of other features. This phone is named […]

Lirpa 100F Pay As You Go Top-Up Phone – No Network or SIM Card!

We’ve been hearing rumours from Dialaphone about a revolutionary new handset that’s guaranteed to save you money – strange, as that’s normally to do with your tariff or your network rather than the phone you use. We’re very excited to have the first artist’s impression of this new handset, codenamed the 100F from […]

Samsung M6710 Beat Disc Music Phone – Samsung Beat Disc UK

The second of two new handsets announced for the Samsung Beat Edition series is the Samsung M6710 Beat Disc. A trimmed down version of the Samsung M7600 Beat DJ in terms of spec, the Samsung M6710 still enjoys a full range of advanced music features but without the inclusion of the DJ mixer application that’s […]

AT&T Announce LG Neon Messaging Phone AKA LG KS360

You would be forgiven for thinking that the LG Neon is new colour variant of the popular LG KS360 and it is so to speak. AT&T have announced that they are soon to launch the LG Neon which offers the same bold design of the original LG KS360 and the exact same spec.

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