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Nokia N96 in Quartz on O2 Contract deals UK

A new edition of the most sought after phone of 2008 has now been launched on O2 in the UK, the new Quartz edition N96 from Nokia is a new colour variant of the original model but swaps the exterior casing for a sleek, silver finish.

Aimed at those consumers who just don’t like a boring black mobile phone the Nokia N96 Quartz is the perfect alternative and the fearures, design and technology all remain exactly as they were in the black version.

The Quartz Nokia N96 mobile phone is the latest in the N-Series and is designed to wow you with entertainment features and a stylish two-way sliding mechanism. 

Nokia N96 Quartz
Nokia N96 Quartz



Immerse yourself in the impressive array of entertainment features included with the Nokia N96 Quartz. Use the 2.8” display screen to watch high-quality videos with mind-blowing sound effects and the 16GB’s of internal memory which will allow you to store all multimedia files.

Finally with the Nokia Video Center you can find loads of videos off the internet to download and if that doesn’t keep you busy the 5.0-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Optics sure will.

Admire the latest in the N-series from Nokia with mid-blowing entertainment features

Watch downloaded and high-quality videos on the 2.8” display screen

Store all multimedia files with the 16GB of internal memory

Use the Nokia Video Center to get the full effects of this video masterpiece

Capture quality pictures with the 5.0-Megapixel Camera with Carl Zeiss Optical Lens


Find where you’re going with the integrated A-GPS and rich maps facility

Nokia N96 Quartz Deals


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White Nokia E71 on Pay As You Go UK

The latest White edition of the new Nokia E71 has now been made available as a Pay As You Go mobile phone, after originally being released on 3 Mobile and Vodafone contract deals the white E71 can now be purchased without having to sign up to a lengthy contract deal.

This is music to the ears of those consumers who would love to own a white Nokia E71 but struggle to pass the strict UK network credit checks, they can now simply buy the handset on Pay As You Go and top-up their calling credit as and when they run low.

This new launch also opens up doors for the gift market as the E71 in white can now be purchased and given as a present to others with the recipient registering the phone in their name once opened.

BLOG UPDATE: 16/02/09 – Black Nokia E71 on Orange

BLOG UPDATE: 09/01/09 – SIM Free Nokia E71 White

BLOG UPDATE: 01/10/08 – Nokia E71 on Orange

Nokia E71 White on Pay As You Go
Nokia E71 White on Pay As You Go



Smart simplicity
Instant push email, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi, GPS with a 3.2 mega-pixel camera and dual work and personal modes. 

Work Flow
Improve your work flow with the White Nokia E71. Instant push email support delivers your messages the moment they are sent. Setup is simple and a dedicated email key and full QWERTY keyboard help your get your messages out. Dual mode functionality lets you switch between work and personal emails at a moments notice.

Two Homes
Two home screens lets you choose between work and leisure modes. Choose application short cuts to suite your schedule with message notification on or off.

Intelligent Input.
Put an articulate writing tool into your hands. Error correction as you type, auto-correction, word candidate lists and more make messaging on the move quick and easy. A gently domed QWERTY keyboard makes typing precise and simple.

Stay up to speed with 3G (HSDPA) and Wi-Fi connectivity – vital links to help you stay connected to your messages and the internet.

A professional look, finished with high-end materials and finish. Smooth steel circles the Nokia E71 White, with a solid metal back. Intelligent indicator lights notify you of messages with one touch keys for home, calendar, contacts and email.

Arrive on time to your destination with Nokia Maps and integrated AGPS, helping you stay one step ahead of your meeting schedule.

Rich Media
A large wide screen display large screen lets you watch your films in their original wide screen format with smooth uninterrupted playback. MP3 music player and microSDHC expandable memory lets you carry your music and movie collection with you when you want to unwind.

Make the most of your day at work and away with, Nokia E71 White on Pay As You Go is mobile efficiency, beautifully styled.

Nokia E71 White Deals


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Nokia 1209 Launched as SIM Free Phone UK

The latest budget offering from Nokia has now been released in the UK, the Nokia 1209 is now available as a SIM free mobile phone with no contract to sign or ongoing line rental charges.

Consumers can simply buy a Nokia 1209 outright and use their existing SIM card to continue using their current mobile number, account details and any contacts that they have saved to SIM.


05/02/09 – Nokia 1209 on Orange

15/04/09 – Nokia 1209 on O2 Deals

Nokia 1209 SIM Free
Nokia 1209 SIM Free



Access phone features quickly and conveniently with One Touch shortcut keys for SMS messaging, calendar, contacts, loudspeaker, and flashlightView wallpapers, screensavers, games, and phone menus on the vibrant colour display screen which supports up to 65,536 colours

Personalize your phone with MP3-grade or 32-voice polyphonic ringtones

Extend your talk time. Use the power saver mode to help conserve power when your phone is idle

Control your talk time. Time Tracker allows you to pre-set call times and disconnects calls when the pre-set time is up

Manage your calling costs. Cost Tracker* lets you pre-set the cost limit for calls

Monitor your pre-paid balance. With Pre-paid Tracker* you can view your pre-paid account balance information whenever you need

Get the right sound for any environment with adjustable ringtone and call volume

Keep your phone clean with the dust-resistant keypad.

Nokia 1209 Deals


Nokia 7070 Prism in Black and Pink SIM Free UK


The latest addition to the Nokia Prism range of mobile phones has today been released as a SIM Free handset, the 7070 Pink and Black is the first flip edition Nokia Prism and represents a extremely affordable fashionable phone.


Joining the likes of the Nokia 7500 and 7900 Prism the new 7070 is a step in a different direction for the manufacturer, in all honesty this new handsset is a welcome addition as the credit crunch bites and consumers look for cheaper deals.

Although initially launched as a SIM Free phone the Nokia 7070 Prism is expected to be picked up by the networks very soon, so for those that would rather connect the handset to a contract deal with free inclusive minutes and text the wait should not be long.


Nokia 7070 Prism Black and Pink
Nokia 7070 Prism Black and Pink



A further colour variant is also due to be released soon – the Nokia 7070 Black and Blue edition.


Nokia 7070 Prism Black and Blue
Nokia 7070 Prism Black and Blue




A Bold Style Sensation
Flash fabulous diamond-cut design and dazzling lights each time you receive a call on your Nokia 7070 Prism Black Pink.

Get Great Looks
Distinctive contours, clean lines, and vibrant colour accents come together in a unique contemporary style.

Style It Yourself
Dream up a unique look and sound with themes, wallpapers, animated screensavers, and ringtones that are tailored to your taste.

Embrace Your Group of Friends
Mingle and message with a wide circle of friends with smileys, voice, or picture messages, and space for 1000 contacts.

Be Bold
Show off sharp diamond-cut shapes and dazzling colours that unfold to discover tactile keys and a bright, colourful display on your Nokia 7070 Prism.

Mingle with your crowd, with up to 1000 contracts on your phonebook. Mix it up with email, text, pictures, instant and Xpress Audio messaging.

Create your own style with animated screensavers, vivid, wallpapers, and high quality MP3 ringtones.

Nokia 7070 Prism Black Pink Deals


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Nokia N96 on T-Mobile UK, TMobile N96 N-Series Nokia

T-Mobile have today released the latest Nokia N-Series mobile phone, after first launching on O2, Orange Vodafone and 3 Mobile networks the Nokia N96 can now be connected to the full range of T-Mobile pay monthly contract tariffs.

This is great news for consumers as there are now more tariff and package choices than ever before for this top of the range Nokia phone, finding the right tariff to suit your usage requirements is far easier when so many networks are offering your next choice of mobile phone.


Nokia N96 on T-Mobile
Nokia N96 on T-Mobile




The Nokia N series just gets better and better, with the slimmer, big-screened Nokia N96.

With a massive 16GB memory and a microSD slot to extend that even more, you’ll have room to store all your music, photos and videos. It’s got everything you need for music – an MP3 player, FM radio, stereo speakers and more music to download from Mobile Jukebox. The 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and autofocus will give you camera-quality pictures.

The 2.8 inch screen with 16 million colours promises a superb viewing experience, whether you’re viewing your photos and videos, watching Mobile TV or surfing the internet.

The Nokia N96 on T-Mobile is HSDPA enabled, giving you super fast internet speeds for browsing the web or checking your emails, and you can use it as a modem for mobile broadband on your laptop.

Nokia N96 Deals