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Nokia 6600 Slide Announced for Release UK – Sliding 6600 by Nokia

A new sliding version of the previously announced Nokia 6600 fold has today been confirmed by the manufacturer.

Having sliced a few millimeters off here and there from the Nokia 6500 Slide and reduced its weight they have introduced the Nokia 6600 Slide to their range.
Nokia 6600 Slide
Weight: 110g 
Talktime: 4.0 h
Standby time: 340 h
Dimensions: 93 x 45 x 14mm

The Nokia 6600 Slide offers more rounded contours and slighty improved battery life in addition to array of new features.
Not content with just bringing out the Nokia 6600 Slide, Nokia have also included the 6600 fold and 3600 Slide in this latest announcement.
But getting back to the Nokia 6600 Slide, we have to admire the effects that have been made with this phone, not only does it offer the best of both worlds with all the fantastic features of the Nokia 6600 but tap the phone twice and you initiate the time display, snooze control, activate silence and alerts or reject incoming calls.
The steel cover and aluminum centre key determine the phones high quality appearance whilst its dimensions puts it amongst Nokia’s smallest sliders to date.
Multimedia functionality includes a 3.2 mega pixel camera, video record, video calling, music player with multi-audio support and an integrated stereo FM radio.
Apart from being the 3G version of the Nokia 3600 Slide, the Nokia 6600 Slide includes Nokia Maps, an Accelerometer, stereo bluetooth, microSD card expansion, web browser, email, instant messaging, microUSB and a 2.2″ QVGA display bulking out its distinguished list of features.

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Nokia 6600 Fold Release Announced – New Flip Nokia 6600



POST UPDATED: Nokia 6600 Fold is now available !


Nokia have today announced the release of a new flip phone to add to their vast collection, the Nokia 6600 Fold is the first to be known by this name although the model number has been used in the past. The original Nokia 6600 was a candy bar format design with rounded corners and a bulky middrift.

Nokia 6600 Fold

Weight: 110g 
Talktime: 4.0 h
Standby time: 300 h
Dimensions: 87.7 x 44 x 15.9 mm
Available as a clamshell or slider, the Nokia 6600 is accompanied by the Nokia 3600 Slide in Nokia’s latest fashion lineup.
The Nokia 6600 Fold features the same ability as the Nokia 6600 Slide in terms of being able to control snooze, alerts, silences and the rejection of incoming calls by simple tapping the body of the phone twice.
Boasting Nokia Maps and Nokia Search, the Nokia 6600 Fold offers a complete entertainment package that includes a 2 mega pixel camera with inbuilt flash and video recording capabilities plus a secondary videocall camera and a music player accompanied by the presence of an integrated stereo FM radio.
The 18MB internal memory can be boosted up to 4GB via the microSD card slot to provide ample storage capacity and in terms of connectivity the Nokia 6600 Fold is pretty well equipped there as well with GSM, GPRS, EDGE and 3G along with bluetooth wireless and USB connectivity.
Available in a choice of either Mysterious Black or Sophisticated Purple, the Nokia 6600 Fold has been designed for a more comfortable fit in your hand and against the face when making calls courtesy of its rounded and more blended contours.

The phones glossy finish and 1.3″ external hidden display are the first indication of just how much effort has gone into the phone’s design and opens to reveal an internal 2.13″ OLED display which is great for viewing images, browse online and checking emails without the need to squint.

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Nokia 3600 Slide Announced for Release – Sliding 3600 by Nokia


POST UPDATED: Nokia 3600 Slide Now Available !


A new sliding handset was announce for release today – the Nokia 3600 Slide.

The third of three new fashion phones is the Nokia 3600 Slide, which joins the Nokia 6600 Fold and Nokia 6600 Slide variants.
All equally as impressive, the Nokia 3600 Slide has its own list of features to boast about.
Nokia 3600 slide
Weight: 97.3g 
Talktime: 5.5 h
Standby time: 280 h
Dimensions: 97.8 x 47.2 x 14.5mm
Perfectly contoured, the Nokia 3600 Slide is a great companion with its powerful high resolution 3.2 mega pixel autofocus camera with 2 LED flash for snapping pictures and recording video clips plus its onboard music player that will support of multitude of audio file formats.

But if radio is more your thing, then you can always tune into your favourite station with the integrated stereo FM radio.
To ensure plenty of storage for all your top tunes, Nokia have included not only a 30MB internal memory but also a microSD card slot which will give up to 4GB of space, the equivalent to 3000 songs.
They’ve also thought to include TV output feature for watching videos on your home TV.
Available in Charcoal and Wine ceramic paint schemes, the Nokia 3600 Slide offers quad band GSM support with GPRS and EDGE technology as well as bluetooth wireless with A2DP stereo support and USB connectivity.
Surprisingly enough the Nokia 3600 Slide is in fact the first Nokia to include noise cancellation as one of its features.
Another of its features includes Nokia Maps which holds as many as 15 million points of interest, letting you know where to shop and where to eat in any new town you visit.

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Nokia 5800 Tube Release Announced – Nokia Tube 5800 UK

A new Xpress Media Nokia phone has today been announced for release by the manufacturer, a Symbian S60 smartphone, the Nokia 5800 Tube XpressMedia is full to overflowing with functionality.
And some pretty amazing functionality at that!

Nokia 5800 Tube
Weight: 104g
Dimensions: 111 x 52 x 14.5 mm
The 3.2 inch high resolution touchscreen comes with the newly developed Tactile feedback technology which turns the more traditional touchscreen into an active display that actually shows the depresson of each button when touched on screen.
Although labelled as the Nokia 5800 Tube XpressMedia phone, it is better known as the Nokia 5800 Tube.
The 3.2 mega pixel camera has been equipped with video and autofocus and includes geotagging capabilities, allowing users to capture pictures and tag with their location.
And yes of course this does mean that the phone has a built-in GPS receiver with A-GPS support!
A truly remarkable device, the Nokia 5800 XpressMedia Tube is WiFi enabled with Quad Band GSM, UMTS, HSDPA and EDGE technology plus bluetooth with A2DP support and includes a 3.5mm audio output jack for the use of standard headphones.
The internal memory is set at 140MB with the option to expand using the microSD card slot, in addition to which there is the web browser and email client.
Whether using it for business or pleasure, or even both, what’s not to love about the Nokia 5800 XpressMedia Tube.

Blackberry Curve 8330 Announced for Release – Blackberry 8330

The latest Blackberry Curve has today been offially announced for release, the Blackberry 8830 is not only capable of global roaming on the GSM/GPRS networks but includes WiFi, which is great news for Blackberry lovers.

Blackberry Curve 8330

Weight: 114g 
Talktime: 4hours
Standby time: 11 days
Dimensions: 107 x 60 x 16.1 mm
The Blackberry Curve 8330 is the official upgrade to the Blackberry 8310 and as such shares a lot of similarities in terms of functionality but with the added advantage of the introduction of some great new features.
The only problem we can find with the Curve 8330 is knowing where to start, but we think it’s pretty safe to assume that those of you previously converted by the the Blackberry Pearl are more than likely to be swayed back to the Curve by the 8330.
The ultimate messaging device with superb web browsing facilities, the Blackberry Curve 8330 offers full GPS capabilities and the ultimate in PIM functionality.
With applications such as Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk instant messaging is a breeze and wireless email will keep you in permanent contact with the office.
Use the voice activated dialling facility for when you just haven’t got enough hands and get the best from your music and videos with the Media player.
Capture the moment on the 2 mega pixel camera and with Blackberry Maps you can navigate your way home with ease finding the quickest and safest route.
You can even watch TV on your phone!
The high resolution light sensoring screen lessens the strain on your eyes and the full qwerty keyboard provides a faster method of responding to emails and writing text messages.
Offering complete device security and password protection you can be rest assured that private and confidential files remain private and confidential.