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Nokia 6500 Slide Black on Orange – Black Nokia 6500 Slide UK

The new Nokia 6500 Slide Black Edition has today been released on Orange in the UK, this great brother edition to the Nokia 6500 Slide Silver offers exactly the same high specification features and technology but with a new, mysterious and sleek, black casing.

The Nokia 6500 Slide Black is now available on Orange with further plans to release the handset onto other UK networks further down the line.

Nokia 6500 Slide BlackOrange

Based on the design of the Nokia 6280 and 6288 handsets and unlike the Nokia 6500 Classic, this version of the 6500 is a slider.
The Stainless Steel casing provides extra protection against everyday knocks and scuffs whilst the extensive features take care of business.
The Nokia 6500 Slide Black offers slightly better power management than that of the Nokia 6500 Classic, with 6 hours of talktime and 310 hours on standby and includes all of the basic features available in the 6500 Classic such as the built-in MP3 Player, web browser, email, instant messaging, EDGE technology, UMTS support and so forth.
And as with the Classic version, the Black Nokia 6500 Slide is a 3G enabled handset but the camera has been boasted up to 3.2 mega pixels with the introduction of Carl Zeiss Optics and the inclusion of a secondary camera for video calling is a bonus plus you’ve also got FM Radio with RDS.
Other enhancements available with the Slide version of the Nokia 6500 include a TV-out jack so Video clips and images can be played/viewed on your Television screen as well as enabling TV Video Calls & Conference Calls and then seperately you’ve also got A2DP Stereo support with Bluetooth.

LG Viewty Silver on O2 & T-Mobile – Silver LG KU990 Viewty UK

The fantastic new LG Viewty Silver has now joined the Black LG KU990 Viewty on O2 and T-Mobile. The new Silver LG Viewty offers the same features and technology as the Black verion but now adds a sleek silver casing.

The LG KU990 Viewty Silver is expected to be rolled out onto further networks very soon.

LG KU990 Viewty SilverO2T-Mobile

A high end device, the LG Viewty Silver is the successor to the LG Prada and sports a 5 mega pixel camera, theres no keypad but instead functions are controlled on the 3 inch touchscreen display.
But apart from being a 3.5G, YouTube and HSDPA enabled handset with an impressive camera in tow, the LG KU990 Viewty Silver is packed with features providing an all round entertainment system and working tool.
Features include an MP3 Player, FM Radio, addition of a built-in camera flash and digital zoom, video capture & playback recording 120 fps, picture & video editing software, miroSD memory expansion, inclusion of Google application, bluetooth stereo support, web browser, email access and a document viewer enabling access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF documents and files.
As with all YouTube enabled handsets, videos can be uploaded directly from your mobile to your YouTube account without the need for downloading on to your PC in order to complete file conversion before uploading, its also worth mentioning its compatibility with UBlog and Buzznet.

JCB Tough Phone Now SIM Free – JCB Tough UK

The new JCB Tough Phone has been made available as a SIM Free handset today, this robust and shockproof handset is already available on Vodafone and O2 contract deals but now customers can buy the JCB Tough phone sim Free and insert their own SIM card to keep their existing number and account details.

Great news if you would really liek a JCB Tough but are still in contract or you have lost your phone or had it stolen – remember to call your service provider to order another SIM card first.

JCB Tough PhoneSIM Free

The JCB Tough Phone is as hard as nails and takes no messin’ from anyone. You can throw bricks at it, drop it in cement, even run over it in a car and it will still ring. It’s also very loud with dual speakers so you can have a conversion in a noisy environment. This is a proper JCB, bright yellow and resistant to shock, dust, water and impacts. It doesn’t have a camera, you can’t browse the web and there are no jingly ringtones – fantastic. This is a phone that fills the niche market for really, really tough phones. It’s ideal for the building trade, or for anyone who wants a solid, rugged mobile that gets the job done with no fancy extras.


JCB Tough Phone SIM Free


Nokia 3110 Classic Blue on Orange – Blue Nokia 3110 Classic Released UK

The new Nokia 3110 Classic Blue Edition has today been launched on Orange Pay As You Go in the UK, this new twist on a model that was originally available almost 7 years ago compliments the minimalist design and simplicity of the model range.

The Nokia 3110 Classic Blue is a part of the new Nokia Classic range where the manufacturer is releasing handsets of the same model number from years gone by, these new phones all bear resemblence to their forefathers but now incorporate today technology and features.

Nokia 3110 Classic Blue Orange

Sturdy, reliable and easy to use, the Nokia 3110 Classic Blue concentrates on delivering high quality key communication functions and not the quantity of features available or the most fashionable design.
If the latest gizmos and gadgets really aren’t your thing and you just want to get back to basics, the Nokia 3110 Classic lives up to its name.
Having said that though, the Nokia 3110 may be basic but it still comes with the standard features that one has come to expect from a mobile as the norm, such as the built-in Media Player with support for MP3 and AAC file formats amongst others.
Then you’ve got the FM Stereo Radio, keeping you up to date with the latest news and sports headlines or you can capture those one off moments with the 1.3 mega pixel camera or record a video clip and playback later.
The Blue Nokia 3110 Classic, a Tri Band GSM handset, supports GPRS and EDGE technology along with Bluetooth Wireless, USB and infrared. So as far as connectivity options go, you’re pretty much covered on everything.
With Push to Talk Technology and integrated Web Browser, you can access emails at the touch of the button or search a wide range of on line content when out and about.
So overall, not so basic in terms of capability but actually a very impressive and reliable handset that will certainly go a long way for less.

Samsung M110 Solid Released as SIM Free Handset

The new Samsung M110 Solid has today been launched as a SIM Free handset, the Samsung Solid is a direct competitor to the JCB Tough Phone but offers more features, a smaller device and is much lighter.

Being offered as a SIM Free handset means that customers can buy the Samsung M110 Solid and use their existing SIM card with their current mobile number and agreement with their network.

Samsung M110 SolidSIM Free

Splash free, smash free and scrath resistant!
It may look like a dowdy old mobile but if your looking for a mobile that can handle anything that is thrown at it and still make a call at the end of the day, then the Samsung M110 Solid is probably your new best mate.
Designed as the perfect companion for those in the construction business or manual labour workers, the Samsung SGH-M110, aka Samsung Solid, is a solid candybar that is both shock proof and water resistant.
Available in a choice of either Olive Green or the more traditional Black, the Samsung M110 comes equipped with a VGA Camera and built-in FM functionality.
There’s enough space in the phonebook to store up to 500 contact details and bluetooth wireless and EDGE technology come as standard.
The screen is a decent 1.5inch 128 x 128 pixels displaying in 65k colours and the onboard features are easy to master and they include a calendar, reminder alert and currency convertor.
Other features included on the Samsung M110 are built-in handsfree, voice dial and voice memo functions, which are always a major plus.
Cheap, cheerful and very versatile, the Samsung M110 is solid and reliable!