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Samsung G800 on T-Mobile TMobile In Stock UK

After a confusing launch some weeks ago on T-Mobile the Samsung G800 TMobile has now been officially released, origianlly released by an independent retailer on T-Mobile, the Samsung G800 then vanished – so did the retailer, apparently going into administration only two days later.

But now the Samsung G800 on T-Mobile is official and they have plenty of stock too!

samsung G800 on T-Mobile TMobile

Weight: 134g 
Talktime: 3.5 h
Standby time: 250 hours
Dimensions: 101 x 51.1 x 18.8 mm

The Samsung G800 mobile phone is here to amaze with an incredible array of photographic capabilities to show off with.  Designed with a slide-open solid shell to protect the 5.0-Megapixel camera, with Xenon flash, for poor quality light conditions.

With state-of-the-art digital camera features the Samsung G800 will deliver. Snap away with built-in auto-focus, x4 digital zoom and shot mode, this allows you to take lots of photos in seconds, and then you pick the best.

Finally if that doesn’t impress you the Samsung G800’s other features will including, an MP3 Player, mobile blogging and document view. Utilise your mobile phone with offline mode, allowing multimedia functions to be used in hospitals and in-flight.

  • Admire the slide-open solid shell design
  • Capture special times with the built-in 5.0-Megapixel camera
  • Get real photographic light whatever the conditions with Xenon flash
  • Take great pictures with built-in shot mode
  • Share your photos instantly via Bluetooth™
  • Or blog it! Take a photo and send it to a blog site for your friends to view

Samsung G800 on T-Mobile



Motorola W377 Pink & Silver on T-Mobile

The new Motorola W377 range has been oficially launched by T-Mobile as an upgrade to the popular W375 phones.

Based very much on the design of its predeccesor the Motorola W375, the Motorola W377 sees some welcomed enhancements to this basic but well loved clamshell.

Like the W375, the Motorola W377 comes in a range of colour variants that include Cannon Grey, Lustrous Silver, Mandarin Orange and Pink.

Motorola W377 Pink    Motorola W377 Silver

Weight: 95g 

Talktime: 7.5 h

Standby time: 250 h

Dimensions: 99 x 44 x 18.6 mm

The clamshell is equipped with an FM Radio and VGA Camera but now also boasts Bluetooth Wireless in addition to its miniUSB connection.

The internal memory has been upgraded to 10MB and the phonebook will how hold an extra 400 contact details taking the total entry capacity up to an impressive 500.

The Motorola W377 features an internal 128 x 160 pixel screen display as well as a secondary external mono display.

A Tri Band GSM phone with GPRS support, the Motorola W377 Pink offers superb power management, easy to use functions and features and weighs next to nothing making it extremely light to carry round with you.

A stylish handset with pre-installed games to keep those energetic fingers busy, the Motorola W377 Silver lets you keep in close touch with loved whether it be through voice calling or messaging and gives you access to a wide range of online content via its onboard web browser, and if the necessatiy arises you can even check on your emails when away from your computer.

Motorola W377 Pink on T-Mobile

Motorola W377 Silver on T-Mobile


Sony W580 White and Sony Ericsson W580i Pink Pay As You Go

Up until recently the Sony Ericsson W580i Pink has been the best selling pay as you go phone in the period leading up to Christmas, however the Sony Ericsson W580i White is hot on its heels and since the pink version has been floating in and out of stock over the last few days the white version is now set to overtake it in sales volume.

The White Sony W580i offers exactly the same specifications and features as the pink edition except that it has a white eterior casing known as the Style White W580.

Sony Ericsson W580i White – £99.99


Sony Ericsson W580i Pink – £99.95


Sony ericsson w580i white

Weight:   94g

Talktime: 9 hours

Standby time:  370 hours

Dimensions: 99 x 47 x 14 mm


The Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman, which looks just superb in white but if you fancy your phone with a bit more of an urban feel to it, then you can also pick it up in Urban Grey or Boulevard Black and as mentioned; Metro Pink.

Packed with all the latest technical music features, the Style White Sony Ericsson W580i comes with some hidden talent, but first lets run through the Walkman functionality and abilities.

Equipped with a Walkman 2.0 Media Player, the Sony Ericsson W580i includes a built-in FM Radio with RDS and the all important TrackID Music Recognition to save sleepless nights on what the name of that song is that you just can’t get out of your head.

The internal memory is nothing much to boast about, but not worry as the Sony Ericsson W580i comes with a M2 Memory Stick included in the package, which will take you nicely up to 2GB.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a keen photographer, then the integrated 2.0 mega pixel camera will certainly come in handy, which is accompanied by video capture & playback functions for those home movies to be pulled out at the most embarassing moment to create laughter and fun for all.

The Web Browser and Email will keep you updated and in touch, whilst the RSS feeds will keep you posted on the latest breaking news.

But the real hidden talent for the Sony Ericsson W580i white handset, is that it extends its specification list to include sports functions as well as its full media system.

Functionality such as pedometer and fitness applications will keep you motivated and on top form ensuring that you are always at the top of your game.


Virgin Fly SLT100 is Cheapest 2.0 Megapixel Camera Phone

The new Virgin Mobile Fly SLT100 is officially the cheapest mobile phone available with a 2.0 megapixel camera, and to top that it is also available with a Free radio controlled helicoptor at just £64.99!

Virgin Mobile Fly SLT100 slt 100

The Virgin Fly SLT100 offers all the style and functionality of more expensive phones at a fraction of the cost. The ultra-contemporary Fly SLT100 slider has an incredible feature set which belies the price tag.

The Virgin Fly comes packing a colour, 320×240 pixel touchscreen, 2mp camera with zoom for great pictures and video, plus an MP3 player, Bluetooth and expandable memory.

Other features on the Virgin Fly SLT 100 include tri-band calling, enabling you to call from almost anywhere in the world, a battery life enabling 150 minutes of talk time and up to 180hours on standby, plus vibrating call alert and a number of pre-istalled games.

And measuring just 96mm x 49mm x 14.9mm, you’ll wonder how the Fly SLT100 crams all this in!

Fly SLT100 on Virgin Mobile


Alcatel OT E227 Pink on Pay As You Go

The new Alcatel E227 Pink is part of the lollipop range of phones aimed at teenage girls who want a fashionable phone without the expense. 

Cute, colourful and covetable… If you’re looking for a reliable phone that’s simple and easy to use, and you also value great design, you’ll love the Alcatel E227, which marries low cost with high style.

BLOG UPDATE: 18/02/09 – Alcatel E227 Orange on Pay As You Go

Alcatel E227 Pink LollipopAlcatel E227 Pink Lollipop

The bright pink E227 is adorned with flowers, and, thanks to its small, rounded case, it’s not only decorative but also highly tactile – nice to carry around with you, and perfectly sized for your hand or for slipping into a pocket.

The dual-band Alcatel E227 pink keeps things simple, letting you focus on communicating with the people you care about, whether you prefer to talk to them or text them. And, thanks to its generous talk time of up to 10 hours, and standby time of up to 12 days, the E227 lets you spend more time talking and less time charging your phone.

Pink Alcatel E227
Pink Alcatel E227

All the numbers you need will be close at hand, in its 250-entry phone book, and when you want to text, you’ll find it quick and easy, thanks to predictive text. And, if you have a few moments to spare, you can lose yourself in one of its addictive embedded games.

Alcatel OT E227 Pink
Alcatel OT E227 Pink

If you like to be on time, you’ll be glad of the E227’s alarm, whether you use it to wake you up in the morning, or as a nudge to let you know when it’s time to go out. And if you ever end up at one of those meals where someone has four courses, wine and coffee, and you have a starter and a beer, you’ll be glad of the inbuilt calculator, which will help you work it all out with the minimum of fuss.

Alcatel E227 Pink on Pay As You Go

Alcatel E227 Orange