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Samsung G800 on T-Mobile TMobile In Stock UK

After a confusing launch some weeks ago on T-Mobile the Samsung G800 TMobile has now been officially released, origianlly released by an independent retailer on T-Mobile, the Samsung G800 then vanished – so did the retailer, apparently going into administration only two days later.

But now the Samsung G800 on T-Mobile is official and they […]

Motorola W377 Pink & Silver on T-Mobile

The new Motorola W377 range has been oficially launched by T-Mobile as an upgrade to the popular W375 phones.

Based very much on the design of its predeccesor the Motorola W375, the Motorola W377 sees some welcomed enhancements to this basic but well loved clamshell.

Like the W375, the Motorola W377 comes in […]

Sony W580 White and Sony Ericsson W580i Pink Pay As You Go

Up until recently the Sony Ericsson W580i Pink has been the best selling pay as you go phone in the period leading up to Christmas, however the Sony Ericsson W580i White is hot on its heels and since the pink version has been floating in and out of stock over the last few days […]

Virgin Fly SLT100 is Cheapest 2.0 Megapixel Camera Phone

The new Virgin Mobile Fly SLT100 is officially the cheapest mobile phone available with a 2.0 megapixel camera, and to top that it is also available with a Free radio controlled helicoptor at just £64.99!

The Virgin Fly SLT100 offers all the style and functionality of more expensive phones at a fraction of […]

Alcatel OT E227 Pink on Pay As You Go

The new Alcatel E227 Pink is part of the lollipop range of phones aimed at teenage girls who want a fashionable phone without the expense.

Cute, colourful and covetable… If you’re looking for a reliable phone that’s simple and easy to use, and you also value great design, you’ll love the Alcatel […]