Free Line Rental Deals are Back! 12 Months Cash Back

It’s been a while but a new 12 months free line rental deal has just been released today which supplies a free mobile phone with 12 month of completely free line rental once you have redeemed the full amount of cashback available.

First off, this sort of deal is not for those that are unorganised, you’ll need to keep a note of which mobile phone bills to send in to receive your cash back but if you do this then it offsets the entire price of the line rental over the 12 month term of the contract agreement.

12 months free line rental deal
12 Months Free Line Rental Deal for the Samsung E2121B

This latest package includes a free Samsung E2121B mobile phone on the TalkMobile network (which runs on Vodafone) along with 100 minutes of calls, 5000 txt messages and 250MB of inclusive data, make sure you will not exceed these limits or you will end up paying extra on your monthly bill.

The actual amount you pay each month is £12 line rental, the retailer is offering all of this back to you in 5 ‘claim’ stages which is when you send in your monthly bill to receive a cash back amount of £28.80 totalling £144 which is the same as 12 months line rental charges at £12.

Like we said, these free line rental deals are for the savvy savers amongst us who are organised enough to remember when to make their claims, here’s a graph to show you what we mean:

Bill Claim Amount
Bill Dated November 2012
Bill Dated December 2012
Bill Dated January 2013
Bill Dated February 2013 £28.80
Bill Dated March 2013
Bill Dated April 2013 £28.80
Bill Dated May 2013
Bill Dated June 2013 £28.80
Bill Dated July 2013
Bill Dated August 2013 £28.80
Bill Dated September 2013
Bill Dated October 2013 £28.80

You could always pre-program the dates into your phones diary to help you remember!

For your information, here’s the actual terms and conditions of this 12 months free line rental deal from the retailer:

12 Months FREE by redemption on Talkmobile Smart £12 12m
Send your claim in line with the Cashback Claim Process below and we will credit you by cheque with £28.80 each time.


This will save you £144.00 over the 12 month duration of the contract. In effect this means that your average line rental per month over the contract period is £0.00 per month.


Please note: the above calculations are based on the basic line rental of the tariff and do not include itemised billing


Cashback Claim Process:

Claiming your cashback couldn’t be simpler. You will need to send in your mobile phone bill at months 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 and 12.

The required bill needs to be sent to Cashback Claims, Admail ADM4118, Loughborough, LE11 1YX and must be received within 60 days from the date on the bill. The bill must show your name, address, mobile number and tariff you are connected to.

We recommend you send this by recorded delivery as we cannot be held responsible for lost items or claims that arrive outside the qualifying period. We also recommend you keep your proof of postage.

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