12 Months FREE Deals Return to UK – Free Line Rental

So far this year we have not seen any 12 months free deals after the UK networks decided to cut their dealer commissions even further, however today we have seen the first 2 12 months free deals to be offered this year.

The UK networks are not keen on retailers offering 12 months free simply because they feel it lessens the value of their offering and there is always the problem with cashback.

Up to 7 companies went insolvent in the latter part of 2007 purely because of 12 months free deals, they did not predict the high number of customers who remembered to claim their cash back and on top of network clawbacks had no option but to claim insolvency.

12 Months free deals have returned with the offer of a FREE Nokia 6300 or Nokia 6300 Red on a 12 months contract with 12 months free line rental, basically if the customer remembers to claim all of their cash back then they will not have paid a penny for any line rental over the space of their contract period – great value.

Nokia 6300          Nokia 6300 Red

It is all up to the customer to make those claims, they are usually staggered into 3, 4 or sometimes 5 redemption periods where the customer must return a cash back claim slip in order to receive a cheque to offset against their line rental, should they forget to claim or not claim in the ‘redemption window’, (something that retailers have put in place so there is a window of opportunity to claim after which that particular claim will become void) then they will be left out of pocket and the line rental will not have been offset.

12 months free deals vanished late last year and nobody was really sure if they would ever return, so its nice to see these great value deals back again and with the best selling Nokia phone of 2007 – the Nokia 6300.

Nokia 6300 12 months free

Nokia 6300 red 12 months free

Both deals are for a limited time only.

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