12 Months Free Deals are Back ! – No Line Rental Mobile Phone Deals

Mobile phone deals known as 12 – 12s are back! These deals offer 12 months free line rental with a 12 month contract period meaning that so long as the terms and conditions are adhered to you get a great mobile phone and all of your line rental costs are offset for the entire 12 month contract period.

New mobile phones to be offered with 12 months free include:

LG PRADA Silver   LG Prada Silver with 12 months free   LG Shine   LG Shine with 12 months free   Nokia 5300 Black   Nokia 5300 Black with 12 months free   Nokia 6300   Nokia 6300 with 12 months free

Nokia 6300 Black   Nokia 6300 Black with 12 months free   Nokia 7373 Bronze   Nokia 7373 Bronze with 12 months free   Nokia 7373 Pink   Nokia 7373 Pink with 12 months free   Samsung F210 Purple   Samsung F210 Purple with 12 months free

Sony Ericsson W200i   Sony Ericsson W200i with 12 months free

What a choice! All available on a 12 month contract with 12 months free line rental by redemption.

These offers will not be around for long so take advantage of them now.


12 months free deals



  • jon dandiker

    October 27, 2008

    interested in 12 months free deals with LG Shine handset but how does it work? Can i transfer my current 3 network mobilephone number over to the new handset new ntework provider?

    Which network is it with?

    thanks, jon

  • bullwinkle

    January 9, 2010

    wondering if there are any 12 month free line rental deals with unlimited texts?


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