Render claims to show Google Nexus X

Android Police has come up with a render that it claims is the Nexus X. The site claims that it came up with the render via leaked details from a source who wishes to remain anonymous.


According to the source, the Nexus X sports a 5.9-inch screen with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels (Quad HD), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU, a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. It is said to run Android L (version 5.0) out of the box. In terms of looks, it looks like a bigger version of the Motorola Moto X 2014.

The specs mentioned above is yesterday’s news. The only addition to these specs is a rear-facing camera with OIS (optical image stabilisation) and a 3200mAh battery. Furthermore, Android Police is saying that the two grills on the front of the device are stereo speakers. It also says that the device’s moniker is still undecided. So it’s still unclear whether Google and Motorola will name the device the Nexus X or Nexus 6.

Of course, since this anything but official, take it with a pinch of salt.

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British kids go to Apple Store, bend and iPhone 6 Plus, and post the video on YouTube

Two 16-year-old kids in the UK, Danny and Kylie, wanted to show that the Apple iPhone 6 Plus could easily be bent. The problem is, the two had no intentions of buying a unit, but bend a demo unit in an Apple Store. The two took down the video on YouTube, but like anything in the internet the a copy of the video was re-posted.


Here’s a copy of the video:

The two obviously regretted bending the demo unit, and one of the boys, Kylie, released an audio recording on his YouTube channel apologising for their actions.

Bottom-line is, Apple has to do something about this iPhone 6 Plus #Bendgate issue before this fiasco gets any worse.

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Photos explain why Apple iPhone 6 Plus is susceptible to bending

Consumer reports released a video revealing that it would take 90 pounds of pressure to bend the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. However, Lewis Hilsenteger of YouTube channel Unbox Therapy showed in front of a live audience in Toronto, Canada that it less than that to bend the Cupertino firm’s phablet. So who should we believe? Apparently, both speak the truth. Photos show that you can easily bend the device when pressure is applied in the right place.

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The photos you see above was taken from iFixit and posted on imgur by alleras4. He explains:

It’s not about how much force must be applied and if a pocket will do the trick or not. It’s just that under a particular type of flexing, the phone is prone to bend mainly because a metal insert meant to reinforce instead spins in an axis too close to the critical point. If they were further apart allowing better support to counter the flexing and not spining, it would make it more resistant.


The photo you see above shows that you’d have to apply a small amount of pressure in the right place to bend the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Is iOS 8.0.2 still giving you problems?

iOS 8 has been under fire for having issues with cellular data, Wi-Fi connectivity, Safari, and the new HealthKit apps. Apple tried to correct these issues with iOS 8.0.1, which made things worse. It caused cellular radios and Touch ID not to work. Recently, the Cupertino firm rolled out iOS 8.0.2 to try and correct these issues once more, but ZDNet reports that it has been causing problems in Australia. The question is, is it the same case in other countries?


According to the site, Aussies have been experiencing a few minor issues with the update, but not too much of a problem that would give you headaches. The good news is that it seems to only affect iOS users in Australia, since we haven’t heard any problems elsewhere.

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Carphone Warehouse releases Sony XPERIA Z3 underwater unboxing video

Sony promotes its newly launched XPERIA Z3 as a highly-waterproof smartphone. To prove this, Carphone Warehouse has released an underwater unboxing video.


Hit play to watch the underwater unboxing video.

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