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Spigen protective cases leak Samsung Galaxy S6

Spigen is now selling new cases on Amazon. What’s interesting about the cases is who they were made for. The protective cases were made for the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy S6. What’s more interesting is that they seem to have the smartphone inside.

Possible-renders-of-the-real-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-with-Spigen-cases Possible-renders-of-the-real-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-with-Spigen-cases (1) Possible-renders-of-the-real-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-with-Spigen-cases (2) Possible-renders-of-the-real-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-with-Spigen-cases (3)

It’s highly possible that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is inside these Spigen cases, after all, Spigen did leak the LG G3, the HTC One (M8), and the Google Nexus 5 when they were yet to be officially introduced. Although its possible that the cases have the real deal within, we can’t really make out the smartphone’s design. What we can tell you is that the rear camera beside an LED flash and a heart rate sensor. The face of the device shows a home button and a variety of sensors above the screen. Additionally, the device inside the case looks a lot like leaked images of the S6 we’ve seen in the past.

Itching to find out if this is the Samsung Galaxy S6? Sorry; we can’t answer that at the moment. The good news is, we won’t have to wait very long to find out, as Samsung is expected to officially unveil its next flagship at MWC 2015 in March.

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Samsung exec says ‘special function’ to be on board Galaxy S6

The internet is full of rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6. With the Korean tech giant expected to lift the lid on its new flagship at Mobile World Congress as soon as March starts, it seems the company’s execs are starting to drop hints on the upcoming device.

samsung galaxy 6

One of these execs is Robert Yi, IR head of Samsung Electronics. KoreanHerald reports him saying that the S6 will be an “innovative premium handset” that will come with a “special function.” It’s still a mystery, however, on what this “special function” is.

There is another Samsung exec who also dropped hints on the S6. According to a report from Korean-speaking ZDNet, Park Jin Young, VP of Samsung Mobile, said that there will be enough Exynos CPUs (we’re presuming it’s the Exynos 7420 octa-core processor), for all of the S6s to roll out of the assembly lines. This further suggests that Samsung will not be using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 for the S6.

Now about the Galaxy S6’s rumoured premium design, there has been talk that Samsung was having problems with a metal design, since it did have problems with the Galaxy Alpha’s metal chassis in the past. The report says the mass production of metal cases like that seen on the A3 and A5 have been perfected, and that there will no longer be any problems with the mass production of metal cases for the S6. This also means that rumours of the S6 sporting two glass panels on the front and back over the metal chassis is not true.

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Apple iPhone 6 spotted running iOS 9 in benchmark

It looks like Apple has started working on iOS 9, with a test build of the operating system has been seen on a benchmark database site. Additionally, the software is running on an iPhone 6.


We’ve already seen iOS 9 on Google Analytics, and now the upcoming version of Apple’s mobile operating system has been seen on the Rightware benchmark database. It also seems that Apple was testing the test build on an iPhone 6.

Sadly, what new features iOS 9 has to offer is yet to be determined. However, the benchmark does reveal performance. It reveals that there isn’t that much of a bump up when it comes to performance compared to iOS 8, but since it will be quite some time before we see iOS 9 in action, we’re sure we’ll see a number of improvements once the final build is out.

So when do we get to find out what iOS 9 has to offer? In 2014, Apple officially introduced iOS 8 in June, then released the current version of the software in September. This said, Apple is likely to introduce and release iOS 9 at around the same time frame this year.

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Photo showing alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 prototypes surface

Every smartphone start off as diagram, before prototypes are made. It seems we’ve come across alleged prototypes of the Korean tech giant’s next flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S6.


The photo seen above was sent to PhoneArena by one of its loyal readers. It shows three smartphones that are claimed to be “older prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S6.”

We can’t say for sure if these really are early prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy S6, but PhoneArena has reason to believe that they do show the “real McCoy.” What are these reasons? It says, “the position of the back camera and the flash/heart rate sensor matches up perfectly with the image of a case” made for the Galaxy S6, which have surfaced in the past.

The question is, will the Samsung Galaxy S6 look like the prototypes seen above. This is highly unlikely, as Samsung is sure to have made sure that their next flagship looks like nothing we have seen before.

So when do we get to see the final product? Samsung is expected to lift the lid on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S Edge at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in Barcelona, Spain in early March.

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Did Qualcomm just confirm no Snapdragon 810 on the Samsung Galaxy S6?

In its earnings call, Qualcomm discussed that it has lowered its projections for the second half of fiscal 2015. It said one of the reasons for its lower expectations is that its “Snapdragon 810 processor will not be in the upcoming design cycle of a large customer’s flagship device.” Although its customer or the flagship in question was not mentioned, it is believed that the chip maker was referring to the Samsung Galaxy S6.


Qualcomm’s press release may not have mentioned Samsung or the S6, but the announcement comes after reports of Samsung reportedly ditching its plans of using the Snapdragon 810 on its next flagship.

Initial reports claimed that Samsung was disappointed with the Snapdragon 810, due to overheating issues when tested on board the S6. This is why the Korean tech giant opted to use its Exynos 7420 CPU instead.

In another report, Qualcomm was rumoured to provide Samsung with a redesigned Snapdragon 810 that addressed the overheating issue. However, LG is said to sue the chip maker if this happened. So it’s possible that Qualcomm is avoiding a lawsuit from LG.

Recently, we learned that Samsung’s decision to ditch the Snapdragon 810 has nothing to do with overheating issues. The South Korean company is said to be planning to go up against the world’s top chip maker in the mobile processor arena.

Sadly, we confirm whether Qualcomm was referring to the Samsung Galaxy S6 or not. However, were sure to get more information on the matter in the weeks to come.

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